Frothing Friday Fotos - Noosa and Cooloola

In our xplor4 work (and play) we get to take a bunch of nice photos at awesome spots. With a few decades worth of such great imagery to share we decided it might make an occasional photo gallery post interesting, just to share the love. First Friday in February lets see just a few of the thousands of photos we have from around here near Noosa. See if you can guess some of the locations, answers posted below the gallery. And of course should you need imagery or video we can help. Enjoy:)



Naturally all xplor4 imagery can be supplied in super hi definition on request.

Answers are in order:

  • Noosa North Shore - Teewah and the great lake Cootharabah birdseye!
  • Emu Mountain (mound) - not quite in Noosa but you can certainly see it
  • Noosa surf points - 1st point and TeaTree Bay sure you guessed those
  • Alexandria Bay - the outermost beach in Noosa always worth the walk 
  • Sunshine beach dolphins - always love watching them play and relax
  • Boulumba Falls gorge - still one of our favourite day trips from Noosa
  • Double Island Point - and another absolutely awesome must do here
  • Poona Lake - the secluded semi secret jewel in the crown of cooloola
  • Mount Cooroora - Tuchekoi National Park a closeby summit to xplor4
  • Mill & Figtree Points - even more amazing in real life than the photos

So thats Frothing Friday for you, hope you like it thanks to comment below:)


About the author: Mat Colefax celebrates and gets out in the Noosa and Cooloola environments with his family and friends every chance he gets. He  welcomes queries/requests about imagery as here at xplor4 we've got a lot to share. Plus with pro photographer B and videographer Wesley the sky's the limit to what we can do for you.

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Youth and school Mountain Bike events Sunshine Coast QLD

For events to run right now is a real win, especially outdoors events for the young ones who have had to forgo the multiple mental, social and interwoven benefits to the kids, their schools, families and community.

Being bike advocates since forever xplor4 family of M, B and littlies were straight in to volunteer and participate at the the 1st two Sunshine Coast events since lockdown. The Sunshine Coast MTB festival at Ferny Forest Trails, and the Schools academy event at SugarBag Trails. 

Sunshine Coast MTB festival was back after a long postponement and again drew a big crew for family friendly fun, below a quote:

The Sunshine Coast XC MTB Festival is hosted in conjunction with the Trail Run Australia | Sunshine Coast which together make up an action packed weekend of off road events for the entire family. The course is a heart pumping lap that dives in and out of the ferny forest with flowing single track trails on the banks of Ewen Maddock Dam. Choose to go hardcore with the 47.5k or 28.5k or go hard in the 9.5k sprint plus a Kids Mud Rats Bike ride complete with unicorn!

Rivalee Colefax represented xplor4 in the 9.5K she did very well and enjoyed it immensely. As did our youngest xplor4'r Stry:D. And serial volunteer Mat was super impressed with the event. Big shout out to Robyn and Simon and all their crew for putting on such a great festival and giving it their all as always. Highly recommend you get in early next year as its always a quick sell out for that sensational weekend on the trails!

Rocky Trail Academy | Sunshine Coast QLD inaugural schools event at SugarBag trails last weekend was also an absolute cracker. Such a supportive and encouraging environment for the young ones to grow and connect. Confidence inspiring camraderie, super well run and very well attended too with two dozen schools helping hundreds of their kids come and compete in the perfect environs of SugarBag MTB trails. The 4hr and 7hr GP the next day surely reaped rewards of the thousand clearing laps that those kids cut:) Note SugarBag network has big plans, fully funded and set to revolutionize the Sunshine Coast attraction to bikers. Volunteering once again gave us even more insight. For more info about MTB proposals around the coast and what they may mean for you or your organisation get in touch

SBSH School was well represented by our own young xplor4'rs Rivalee and Tias Colefax who took out 1st and 5th in their categories respectively, aided and abetted by their friends so sending their school straight to 2nd spot! Well done everyone who attended, contributed and participated. The schools who sent teams, the mums and dads. Plus especially event organizer RockyTrailEntertainment's Jo and Bob for putting on such a sensational event. Also Sunshine Coast Councils Trails Activation chief KM. Thankyou. Smiles and satisfaction abounded, certainly there is cause to celebrate for the kids and our community lets all keep this rolling.


M. Colefax

As always thanks to like and comment on our xplor4 fb & insta social pages (viewable without accounts) and dont hesitate to reach out or comment below cheers:)




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Noosa trail network masterplan.

Right here in our home county, Trails are getting some great attention thanks to the Noosa trails network masterplan. An initiative of Noosa tourism and Noosa Biosphere now there is a clear way forward for Noosa to take the reigns and ride into the future on the swell of support for trails facilities. Something we can all be excited for, xplor4 sure are! After the excellent official presentation today things are sure to accelerate and attract support.



Over the years weve often wondered what could be.. Like many enthusiasts our home trails here captured our hearts decades ago. Mat used to help with the Noosa enduro MTB events on those same trails, and also rode in every single enduro held. He even has travelled parts on foot and by ebike on occasion. As an insiders tip he noted special mention of Woondum and Mothar mountain, definitely a highpoint. Heres a short vid of the memorial lookout up there from a few years ago.



And take a look at a portion of the enticing elevation profiles of those parts here



Of course 500m descending makes it a clear canditate for mountain bike uplifts or ebikes. Something you will see mentioned often in our articles. National Park designation does however mean a hefty reality check... yet heres hoping.

Whats your favourite trail in the Noosa network, do you have a question? For more insight get in touch or drop us a line. And dont hesitate to check out or ask about any of our xplor4 maps on the AllTrails app too.


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Awesome Content creation, connectivity and GIS

The new Adventure Sunshine Coast website by Sunshine Coast Council is live!

Update: currently listing over 250 adventures with visitation of 4-500 visits Saturday, and Sunday.  Winner of Outdoors Queensland Local Government Achievement Award - for the promotion of outdoor recreation. 

Original post April 2019 

We proudly present the coasts exciting new trails resource! By sunny coasters for sunny coasters. xplor4 was stoked to contribute consulting services for this great project. The new hub gives all outdoors enthusiasts, local and visitors alike a FREE central site to plan and share their adventures. There are no annoying ads, and no business bias, no commercial agenda at all, PERFECT!. Its just the best trails for all activities presented in one easily accessible site.

The council team and Mat at xplor4 have collated hundreds of awesome Sunny Coast Trails - from glasshouse to cooloola for you to enjoy in these categories!


Mat at xplor4 leveraged our decades of trails experience on the coast to collect and curate some fantastic experiences. He logged thousands of km's out in the wild, we took thousands of great photos (2500 available for purchase), and wrote tens of thousands of copy writing words!  Many tracks are old favourites, popular, even famous. Yet for sure you will find yourself new experiences through the site. So go ahead, you can join in on your computer or mobile, go on group walks, put your own spin on tracks, even add reviews and pictures of your own. And yes you can suggest other trails too!

Our scope of works included recommending, reconnaissance and then recording lots of awesome tracks and trails so you get the cherry picked premium selection at your fingertips. Theres 300 Hectares of terrain on offer so naturally a lot of options. And plenty of other trails yet to be explored, the site will grow and get better by everyones participation. So what are you waiting for. Check it out, try a track or aquatrail yourself, review it and definitely let us know what you think of this new site. Doing so enters you automatically for $ and FREE prizes too.

For an extra chance to WIN the big board for a day, you can post a review from our red reviews tab at right of this screen. Handy for extra kudos or if you dont do fakebook.   new site





FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY #2 Big board day out from xplor4


Want to just borrow our big board, yes its available for hire, hens&bucks, tours, teambuilding, parties, and more! Just get in touch with xplor4. Likewise if you need an outdoors consulting firm for any project big or small look no further.

For example if you want trails or outdoors imagery, video, dronework or any promotional activities, xplor4 can organize it for you. We can also liaise with landowners and council on your behalf and integrate trails projects.

Thanks for reading, Thanks to Mat@xplor4 for contributing cool pics and writeups, and thanks to KM and team@SCcouncil for imagining and building 'Adventure Sunshine Coast'

As always xplor the 4 corners of your world, smile and stay hydrated. 


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Noosa Trail Network highest points

Original video and post March 2019

Not a bad spot for a picnic with a view. Plus a nice dirt drive or ride from Mothar Mountain too.

Its been a long long time since I got up to these higher elevated sections of the Noosa trail network and when I had the opportunity to be driven up for a ride down you can bet I took it. The new Noosatrails master plan should stir up some interest again on such sections. Sure a refresh of the interp and interactive options would improve visitor satisfaction.. Stay tuned here and ask away, anything trails or consulting related. 



Fine Fit Men's Novelty Fun Socks (Bicycle Grey)SOCKS SALE!



Whos keen to take a tour with us through Woondum NP?

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Cooroy Mountain festival annual climb

Original post Oct 2019

Mount Cooroy on the northern Sunshine Coast has a special place in the xplor4 story. It was the backdrop for so much of our xplor'ing these last 2 decades, from a distance its iconic pyramid peak often stands out grandly. We have thousands of photos and memories from kitesurfing and paddling the ocean, rivers and lakes with Mt Cooroy visible in the background. As well as many other outdoors missions where far distant Mt Cooroy would provide a welcome reference for our navigation. We even personally purchased boulders from the mountain quarry for our own landscaping, as we liked so much the huge rocks of the seaway groynes and giant rockwalls all around Noosas beautiful waterways. In fact iconic Noosa main beach and Noosa Waters are help up by stone from the mountain quarry! Anyway only once a year Cooroy mountain is open to the public to climb and wonder!



The trail is super raw and rough just the way we like it, but not overgrown. And the views are simply awesome. Being a rare chance there is literally hundreds of likeminded outdoorsy crew climbing too. This gives it a special 'event' kind of ambience. And of course pot luck with the weather, luckily yesterday was awesome. So we share here some of the pics from this year, and invite you all to share yours or any questions. Enjoy, for the gallery click below, Share it round. Cheers.





TSLA Men's Barefoot Training Running Minimalist Trail Shoes BK40-GR 12 US



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Happy New Year from Noosa Everglades Cooloola

Original post and video 2019/20 Xmas/New Year



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Italy xplor4

 eMTB and machiato's

Original post and video Dec 2018

As summer bears down upon Australias East Coast, its been beach weather with plenty of board time for us here at xplor4. But behind the scenes theres a lot of development happening for trails and tours too.

As a consultancy and advocacy, for all kinds of outdoors activity. Its natural that xplor4 expands to incorporate new emerging activities like digitally augmented adventure touring,... and ebiking. The incredible explosion of high end ebiking in Europe and its reverbrations around the globe are something we wanted to examine at the source. Also as we are tragic two wheel addicts for a lifetime, and always admired Italian bikes, moto or pedal, from ducati to bianchi and so on... We didnt need to be asked twice to visit Italy to see whats happening in the exciting new growth sectors of ebikes and associated activity like ebike and eMTB tours!

So I put away our boards, picked up my helmet, and jumped on the longhaul to Europe. 


Yes it was a great trip for R&D and riding. Lots learned and even more enjoyed. Italy has a lot of cool towns, trails,.. and bike culture. Getting about primarily by bike and augmenting our experiences with modern connectivity like mobile maptours proved many points we are passionate about at xplor4. Also the eMTB versatility was amazing! One day you tour Treviso for a full day and 50+k's, the next you commute to your appointments no sweat, and the next you tackle the Alpine trails, all on the same bike!!

It re-affirmed all the reasons we travel to Europe to investigate this r e-volution. All experience we will put to great use in Oz. To take advantage of this and all our expertise get in touch 


Ive been truly blessed with glorious weather for this trip, quite a bonus. Being there in the autumn turns out perfect for trail time too. Amazing colours, zero dust, hero dirt everywhere and a lot of awesome 'buffed by riding' singletrack. The feeling I got was that the user groups get along really well. With each other and also with the nature and caretakers. A lot like Australia but with perhaps even more tolerance and co-operation. Definitely things to share and benefit from...

Everywhere we took to the trails there were loads of hikers. And lots of mountain bikers. Both co-existing comfortably, I did NOT see any signage saying NO this and NO that, or shaking of fists or poles. I did see a mature happy community, everyone looking out for each other and smiling greetings. There was even quite a few mototrials groups out on their 2stroke trials bikes, trail riding together with all the other users! not many enduro mx'r though. I guess that they must have their own areas for flat out faster tracks and bigger obstacles. Hunters were prolific in one trail hub too! Nice to see all the different groups get along.

Back to the ebikes, or in this case eMTB. Because we are all about trails, but also because the high end e Mountain Bikes present the biggest growth segment and opportunities. If your not sure why write us and we can fill you in. For the meantime heres a quote from Eurobike 2018 eMTB conference:

The e-bike boom for bike tourism. 

"For bicycle tourism, the e-bike is a disruptive technology at every level. But it is disruptive in a positive sense: the support that the electric motor provides to the rider makes bike tourism accessible to new target groups. In addition, the e-bike is making regions relevant to bike tourism that bike vacationers had left by the wayside in the past,” says Ulrike Saade, Managing Director of Velokonzept Saade GmbH. In addition, the digital transformation in bicycle tourism is acting as a catalyst for change. Also women and partners as an underestimated target group in bike tourism are catered to very well by eMTB. Swiss consulting firm Allegra Tourismus currently describes the wave of e-mountain bikes as a mega trend in the Alps."

And I can can see why. Whats not to love about being suddenly superhuman! Climb further faster higher, all for more of what we all love. We looked forward to the long uphill climbs, and being able to talk and laugh all the way up! Heres a vid of just that. Sorry no descent footage, my gopro packed it in but you can bet it was awesome! 



Natural resource managers worldwide will have to manage this new phenomena on their turf, And xplor4 are at ground zero. Finding out how best to deal with this new wave. While we are in Italy I am very lucky to talk to managers in eMTB fleet rentals, and sales as well as other spinoff industry. I also get to try the very best eMTB bikes on the market myself. In fact I really see so much more of the local country and culture by expressly using the eMTB as my main means of enjoying European cities, towns,... and trails!!

While in Europe I took the opportunity to get qualified on some brose motor diagnostic procedures. Which is important considering the 15194 certification that is at the core of ebikes acceptance and integration worldwide. I also learned about the other levels out there like e-moto and saw first hand how these might complete the puzzle for legislators and the consumers. Exciting times!

I immersed myself in eMTB, as well as many expresso coffees and frozen gelato of course. I enjoyed the pizza, the camraderie and the culture. And one of the best takeaways from the trip was just how good a gateway ebikes are, to explore more, on the trails and in the towns. To save traffic and parking issues. And even as the seed of much needed change to low carbon lifestyles. With a fun high quality ebike, and potentially free solar fuel, who wouldnt want to get out on it more instead of burning carbon. So many initiatives to action. Get in touch to find out more


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from

Mat Colefax

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Most popular Glasshouse Mountain of all

 Original post Mar 2019

Mt Coonowrin (eldest son) with Mt Beerwah (mum) behind, from Mt Ngungun

Of the 13 peaks in the group generally reffered to as the 'Glasshouse Mountains' Id hazard a guess at Mount Ngungun being the most popular peak to summit. 

Its 253m altitude trail is very well worn and highly trafficked, and for good reason. Its definitely the best bang for buck, brilliant views, an expansive and interesting summit to explore and an enticing lovers cave on the way. And its also closest to town (Glasshouse Mountains township). Which if you are ever nearby be sure to visit the information center at the township for fascinating insights into the story of this special part of our landscape. Weve heard whispers about the coming revamp of the Mt Ngungun trail which is very exciting, and an awesome multipeak route too! Definitely a lot of UX opportunities.

We will wrapup this brief writeup on that note so no spoilers, just stay tuned here and on our socials. For now we leave you with a few sunrise images from Mount Ngungun summit. Enjoy.




Where: Glasshouse Mountains township is about 1 hour drive north of Brisbane or 1 hr south of Noosa. The Mt Ngungun trailhead is a few km west on Fullertons rd.



Have you climbed Mt Ngungun or want to know more? comment below or chat button at right. And thanks to like and share.


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New paths and directions

Original post Jun 2018

Well as the season changes we also change the game up, and are presently busy mapping out exciting new paths and directions. One of the great things about being immersed in the outdoor lifestyle, is constant inspiration and amazing new perspectives. Particularly how interconnected low impact water and land activities are. To serve that connection we are exploring a raft of new goodies and services for xplor4. Get in touch to find out more

You can also chat us online (tab below right) or try fakebook or instaspam.


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