New paths and directions

Well as the season changes we also change the game up, and are presently busy mapping out exciting new paths and directions. One of the great things about being immersed in the outdoor lifestyle, is constant inspiration and amazing new perspectives. Particularly how interconnected low impact water and land activities are. To serve that connection we are exploring a raft of new goodies and services for xplor4. Get in touch to find out more

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Just add water

We love summer! Warmer, longer days dripping with sunshine and sparkling water. And lots more incentive to get wet every week. Sharing sup sessions with family and friends, perhaps even all together on the one board if you borrow our big sup! Bring the tribe and just add water.



Yes this board is available for tours and hire. Check out our bigboard tours here

Yes you can get a guide to go with you, and yes we welcome wheelchairs too!

This weekend we have a social, FREE to join, just book, everyones welcome.

Bring along your whole crew for fun times.. just add water. 



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On the water redpaddle test center

On the water, xplor4 is your center to test out all the new redpaddle boards back to back! The perfect paddling spot, a full complement of boards, sizes and models, and all the best advice as well.

FREE 1st session for up to 1.5 hours by advance appointment, at Noosa on the sunshine coast. It really is a paddling paradise, so many options year round, even great coffee right 'on the water'! We can also go through setting up, packing down and everything else re redpaddle. Hire boards and advice on paddle routes are also available if you want to venture further and longer. All you have to do is get here and get ready for a great time!

Groups welcome, Early starts are fine, bigboard multiperson sup is available* too if book ahead. And theres plenty for non paddlers to do too. What are you waiting for, give us a call or msg, and we will see you 'on the water'


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Bonus paddle pack, with leash and infl. adaptor on special!

Hurry while stocks last. Just $99 with any new board!

Buy your board before the xmas rush, and win with our xplor4 bonus pack on special right now, only while stocks last! Save hundreds and get the best of the best together with your new board. Already a good deal we are now offering bonus paddle packs for new board buyers, at just $99, a crazy price considering inclusions: LEVERLOC gn 3pc paddle, rpc leash, rpc infl. adaptor, and complementary 'on the water' introductory setup instruction*.


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Time to standup VIDEO

More nice visuals featuring the new red range, and some awesome backdrops to inspire and amaze. Redpaddle really does do some great paddle products, which you can rely upon when you travel wherever you want! Check it out, tell us what you think, and book in your next adventure with xplor4 - 'your redpaddleco xperts' now offering 'bigboard tours!!'

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Behind the scene vid. RPC photoshoot 2018

Check it out, some nice visuals of nice new gear. YES have it in stock and ready to send out for free freight australiawide*!! We also have here in Noosa our 'on the water' demo fleet for you, by adv. appointment. Come by or call us today 0435 733 733.


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2018 redpaddle sport

The real advantages of msl, rss and tecair construction all exclusive to redpaddle, are definitely of particular benefit to the 2018 redpaddle sport board. With a performance outline and low thinner profile a lot like hardboards, it is the perfect showcase for these technologies. Making the most of the unique technical combination, from the fabric right through to the single fin efficiency and an optimal length to width. The sport is stable enough to inspire confidence yet its fast and nimble for a thrill. It inflates fast, and packs down very compact due to the removable fin. That fin can of course be interchanged to customise the feel too. We found being able to put an old cutdown fin was great for shallow swiftwater, then a great big fin for fishing.  And for travelling we were even able to put 2 sport boards into the one rollercover bag!

The standard fin that comes with is a hatchet style plastic fin with thumbscrew. It works very well and wont get knocked out by accident. The improved cargocord arrangement is perfect for fishing, refreshments, etc, and we liked the new embossed logogrip for an even more sporty appeal. Like all the boards, the double barrel titan pump, w'proof phone case and redpaddle rollercover round out this great package. 

Of all the boards in the red range its also the most versatile, its perhaps our very own favourite! We welcome any query about the redpaddle boards, and have both sizes in demo at the moment, just contact us to arrange yours.



Stay tuned for more 2018 redpaddle reviews and videos.

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2018 redpaddleco global launch

2018 redpaddleco global launch is today. As well as all the official brand releases xplor4 are able to give you real insight into the 2018 redpaddle range 'on the water'. As we are a recognised 'on the water' delivery center with the most experience in inflatable sup. In fact we also offer anyone able to visit us, a free* back to back comparison plus intro session of most 2018 redpaddle sup sizes and models. We are able to show you plenty of tips and tricks to get the most out of your sup time. And you can be sure to get the absolute best sup solution for you. We are 'on the water' in Noosa QLD. Yes we welcome all ages and abilities, and families / groups too! Just get in touch to arrange your session! 0435 RED RED, or

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Unpacked!! 2018 redpaddle 1st look

Please note at suppliers request our 1st look unpack videos are only available as of mid October. Check them out along with all the official launch material then.



Lots to look at, let us know any questions and we look forward to see you on the water.

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2018 redpaddle ride unpack and preview

Loving the new 2018 range of redpaddle rides, some really nice new finishes to polish up an already awesome product. Cool new embossed logo grip and i.fins, new rocker profile, it all makes for a very tidy package. Check out our xplor4 unpack preview vid below. Subscribe to xplor4 channel for 1st previews and reviews, and dont hesitate to ask anything.

YES 2018 redpaddle is in stock to ship, and 'on the water' demos are available at our test locations by advance appointment now!


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