1st 2018 board unboxing

Hi guys, here we show you the unpack of our 1st 2018 redpaddleco, the ultimate family fun board. The 2018 redpaddle ride L 14'x47

Previous we had an awesome family experience on the redpaddle XL, but XL's ultrabig size is a bit much for a family buy.... so the L is really interesting. This board is the little brother of the ride XL, but at over 800 L of volume the L is still huge compared to even the ride 10'8. YES a whole family is fine on the redpaddle ride L !

Officially 816 liters of flotation, it was fine to take 3 Adults (one on a chair) and 4 kids on flatwater!!. That said the ride L only weighs 16kg !! and is quite manageable by one person at a pinch. I managed to unpack and inflate, then lift onto the car in just a few minutes, with initial help of our 18Vleafblower*. At 14' long and 47" wide (1200mm) It fits easily on top of cars with reasonably spaced roofracks. And it was not too hard to get on (slideup), and get off (throw to the ground) by myself. Of course dont drive faster than 60km/hr or leave it exposed on a hot day...

Inflating at the destination is definitely an easy option too, Much easier than the XL. Likewise deflating and rolling up is just a few minutes. And without wind its easily paddled solo. So it ticks all the boxes for ease of everyday use.

As a fun play platform its awesome, Our kids were kept busy and happy all weekend. When not paddling it became a slippery slide or a bouncy pontoon or a cubby. We even caught a few tiny waves together. For couples or taking your mates its perfect, and a lot of fun.

If you have a tribe, footy or netball team, or lots of tagalongs, then this might be just the right board. And with with a few pointers plus the right paddles from xplor4, you will be the toast of your tribe for sure..

In summary the 2018 redpaddle ride L bigboard is a great choice for a family or a couple with friends who want a simple single sup solution. And buying from xplor4 in advance of delivery makes it very cost effective compared to multiple boards and paddles too! email@xplor4.com for any info.


More 2018 board unpacks, news and test reviews to come weekly! xplor4.com 

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