2017 Redpaddle has landed... and lifted off again!

Its been a frantic few weeks of shipping out the new newly arrived redpaddle 2017 models. Due to demand we did not send out too much publicity as it was hard to keep up anyway! And although we sold through our 1st batch of rides in just days, we are about to restock rides in all 3 sizes, plus receive the 1st windsurf sail rigs and associated accessories!.

Some awesome upgrades and improvements across the whole redpaddle 2017 range and we will be bringing those up online over the coming weeks. Really enjoying the new sports and windsurf!

As this goes to print we are about to have more of all size rides, and we have in hand sport 11', 11'3 and 12'6, also activ, and whip, windsup, windsurf, explorer, etc. Along with the windsurf sail rigs. We will have some runout race 2016 on special too!

Be quick to get in touch for your 2017 model redpaddle boards and accessories, email@xplor4.com



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