2017 Redpaddleco

Yes you read it here 1st!

2017 Redpaddle co sees some gamechangers that we are excited to share with you our valued customers. Over the last decade weve become immersed in an ‘explore your world’ motto with our Redpaddle co business and lifestyle. All around the world its been growing so fast that its now the fastest growing and largest genre of SUP ! This has committed us to expanding to launch a new online portal, Xplor4.com to deliver incredible products side by side with our proven awesome service. The launch co-incides with 1st arrivals of the new 2017 Redpaddle range!

The worlds leading inflatable SUP is even more improved for 2017, with key additions to the range, and some great new features for you! Talk to us about your 2017 Redpaddle interest, and stay tuned to our site and social for all the news and reviews!! YES We are taking pre-orders now for 1st arrivals, so you can even secure your priority today!

Our winter tours went really well too, so much fun exploring and meeting fellow sup’rs. Meanwhile our testing of the 2017 redpaddle range is going great, we love the new accessories attachments and windsurfing and are stoked on the package deals we will be offering as well as services to go with our products. Such as below, click to see a video preview of moments in one of the awesome tours we will offer year round. From your 1stop adventure SUP shop. Explore your world with us. Xplor4.com




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