2018 redpaddle sport

The real advantages of msl, rss and tecair construction all exclusive to redpaddle, are definitely of particular benefit to the 2018 redpaddle sport board. With a performance outline and low thinner profile a lot like hardboards, it is the perfect showcase for these technologies. Making the most of the unique technical combination, from the fabric right through to the single fin efficiency and an optimal length to width. The sport is stable enough to inspire confidence yet its fast and nimble for a thrill. It inflates fast, and packs down very compact due to the removable fin. That fin can of course be interchanged to customise the feel too. We found being able to put an old cutdown fin was great for shallow swiftwater, then a great big fin for fishing.  And for travelling we were even able to put 2 sport boards into the one rollercover bag!

The standard fin that comes with is a hatchet style plastic fin with thumbscrew. It works very well and wont get knocked out by accident. The improved cargocord arrangement is perfect for fishing, refreshments, etc, and we liked the new embossed logogrip for an even more sporty appeal. Like all the boards, the double barrel titan pump, w'proof phone case and redpaddle rollercover round out this great package. 

Of all the boards in the red range its also the most versatile, its perhaps our very own favourite! We welcome any query about the redpaddle boards, and have both sizes in demo at the moment, just contact us to arrange yours.



Stay tuned for more 2018 redpaddle reviews and videos.

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