Back after a 10 yr break - Noosa Enduro Mountain Bike event 2021

Another perspective on the Noosa Enduro, what its all about and why its so great to get it back on. Note no competitive coverage here just pure stoke

Theres some nice event videos on fb, this ones just a bit of fun.


Mat riding sweep again along with son T to help:) Pic thx to Outer Image Collective


A long time ago in a forest not so far away the Noosa Enduro was launched as an adventure Mountain Biking endurance event of particular quality. It was a highlight of the calendar for many of us locals. Run through the sensational Noosa Trail Network, with superb singletrack, stunning scenery and a friendly feel what was not to love? But basically the governments cap on entrant numbers meant after a few years USM sadly had to let it go.

Now a decade later it is reborn with a family connection through Matt at Australian Cycling Academy. The new incarnation is a 2 day event mixing newly added cx/gravel/granfon mob in with MTB, it once again has 60 and 100km options however now it is for 1500 entrants! It also follows many of the original trails including the infamous Mothar hillclimb and descent. Its a fun endurance/exploratory adventure rather than the Enduro staged format most are familiar with. What a great way to explore the Noosa Trail Network, connecting pretty hamlets and villages around the hinterland for a super fun day out. We all scored incredible weather, inviting flowy tracks, happy fellow riders and enticing apre-ride refreshments. The courses had a nice mix of singletrack and fire road and a few transport sections to chat side by side.

Unfortunately Saturdays postrace festivities were cut short, and Sundays gran fondo and anticipated grand celebrations did not run due to the snap lockdown, but we are sure those courses are awesome too. It did give me the impetus and time to sit and write this article though:) Most importantly Noosa Enduro is all set to continue and grow next year! Thanks Matt, Jo, Bob and all the volunteers and crew for putting on a great event.

Of course theres room for improvement and a survey is underway for anyone who rode or helped and wants to suggest anything at all. This article is written from the angle of the broader community, and actually as one of the few crew who have ridden and helped every single Noosa Enduro ever, offers a unique perspective for the future.


Essentially we would do well now as a community to grow and evolve the Noosa Enduro into what Proud originally envisaged, an iconic event bringing everyone together in off road cycling celebration.


In terms of community benefit this event ticks all the boxes for promoting the Noosa trails and towns, encouraging healthy sustainable engagement, return visitation and the economic influx from thousands of attendees. Even ongoing reach out to their wider circles. There were lots of media reps on course which represents a win for tourism too.

We had a great turnout of competitors and participants, however event delivery was down to an overworked team, somewhat short on manpower for such a big task. Volunteers will be a critical factor for future success, strong volunteer support and involvement through the 2022 process is a priority according to the organizers and I could not agree more. Having taken long days off work ourselves to help get Enduro ready to run, then also riding sweep to help dozens of riders fix their bikes and find their way we were extra specially rewarded by everyones stoke on the day, enthusiasts, entourage and 1st timers alike. Appreciation is amplified when you know what goes into it..

Giving back is the best

Tias Colefax sharing the stoke in the Enduro that shares his birthtime. Pic Outer Image Collective.


Mat Colefax: Ive been blessed to ride in and help with every single Noosa Enduro event ever. Doubly so this year as my 1stborn son shared sweep duty with me. He was born around the time the original Enduro was, after an upbringing on two wheels he has helped his school MTB team to take podium places, and in the Enduro he helped me give back to the bike communities as a volunteer. Proud as punch. We were up after midnight the night before to get the old original bike back rolling, sharing so much anticipation as neither of us had ridden any of the course. A funny footnote is I rode the same bike I did in the original Noosa Enduro's and want to every year. See you there!

Building up my original oldschool frame the night before, bit bodge but thats even more authentic and character building.



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