COVID crisis

My musings over our crazy current COVID (Chinavirus) crisis

Disclaimer* Ive not caught Corona... yet. This article could be construed as callous, insensitive and even skipping apostrophes! Enjoy.

COVID conspiracies aside, and yes theres lots of crazy ones.. what is really happening and going to happen in this crisis. Could we be being brainwashed, Is this all a distraction, is it systematic martial law. Are we facing things far more sinister and serious again? Chipping and compulsory injections here it comes!! Or is COVID a tool to an evil end we cant even conceive?

'China/someone was contracted by Big Toilet Paper to create the virus to cause a run on butt wipes anyone?.'

Kidding, but irrefutable evidence already points out a silver lining to COVID's cloud. Collateral reduction in consumption and carbon already sees nature benefiting by reduced pollution, population damage and activity. As shown in satellite imagery of Chinas air pollution, and (anecdotal) reports from Italy:

Well what will we do next

Within every crisis is opportunity. And in this one its clearly changing our fatally flawed suicidal system to one thats better for our collective future. Such as reducing poverty and dis-empowerment and all kinds of abuse. Including the abuse of the planet. So doing our utmost to prevent catastrophic climate change as a priority. Can we collectively rise to this chance to break free from insidious shackles of our society, set ourselves on a path to truth and harmony. To a world with respect for each other, ourselves, our planet.

Let us not return to the old ways but forge better ways instead


My son says to me, Dad why is this happening. Well son Ive spent most of my life feeling a little like the world was careening down a wrong path, helpless passengers on a runaway rollercoaster. Now for the first time in my lifetime it seems to be stopping for breath. Perhaps now is the time for this.. Is the world gone mad or is it in fact madness that brought us here, the brink of a precipice. But which way is up, will fear doom us... are we about to fall or fly?

What about you? Do you see this as 'event horizon' or catalytic change of form for society? please share your thoughts in comments below. Just please dont aim or ask for it ALL to go back to the same way it was. Granted we had it pretty good here, but now is our chance to step up and ensure everyone everywhere gets a good or at least better outcome in the near and far future. Stay tuned.


Where to start

I personally letterboxed and fb offered help to my neighbours, Ive joined the local COVID support social groups. And applied to join the emergency effort against COVID in the health system here. Its always cool to consume less and conserve more it makes $ense and is actually pretty easy. And crucially I look to build better relationships. With my family, my close friends, my close neighbours and my own principles.

We planted a vegie garden, we will go for walks every other day, we read to each other, we take time to be still, and be together.

I have yet to fully grapple with how to survive economically here, and we will be grateful for any advice as it is daunting. What are you going to do to get by? 


What to stop

Stupidity - toiletpaper need I say more. Selfish stockpiling and germ spreading behaviours. Rampant fear, panic and hysteria. Like the famous quote from the hitchhikers guide we will all do well to remember 'Don't Panic'. We can all benefit from better hygeine of course. Otherwise of course avoid close quarter spread risks and crowding. Give each other room, go into the wider outdoors or even better out on the water... and...

COVID spread is vastly exacerbated by mouth breathers. Darwinism in action but at the same time devastating all the rest of us. Mouthbreathing is actually a lack of mindfulness. So simply starting with that is something. Shut our mouths, open our hearts and our minds. And if you see a mouthbreather PLEASE make them aware or if that wont work then steer clear of their cursed foulness.


Tongue firmly in its place at the palate instead of cheek!!, course its heartening to see that laughter is still the best medicine. Or in reality nose breathing is... Till next time, stay safe and take your pills blue, red, rainbow,, whatever!

Mat Colefax 

About the author: Mat emerged into this weird wonderful world in one of the last little hippie havens of our time. He has mused and marvelled at the kaleidescope of crazy beautifulness we were gifted. He got to live his wild crazy 1st dreams. He has helped bring more beautiful beings forth into the fray. Hes hopeful for our future.

He'd really appreciate any likes to the fb page. An article is about to go onto Medium too, msg Mat to find out more. 

fascinating footnote: DAN VERGANO, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC PUBLISHED JANUARY 24, 2014  'takeaway message of all of this is to keep your eye on China" as a source of emerging diseases'.

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  • Mat Colefax says...

    I wrote on The Sun article this comment – Cultural crunchtime. Aussies can be atrocious, Brits too – Bali etc, and yes wet markets are atrocious, as are any amount of other cultural cruelties around the world. Ive met good people and not good people everywhere Ive been around this weird wonderful paradise we call Earth. I recently hosted Chinese mothers and children on a tour and found them delightful. Now more than ever people everywhere can accept responsibility and lobby for change, change of systems, governments and even culture. Starting with their own. Are any Chinese stepping up to be the change, we’d love to hear about it? and support them.

    On March 28, 2020

  • Mat Colefax says...

    As I was saying…

    ‘The brave Chinese doctors who tried to spread the word about COVID-19 were shut down by the authorities too, and early testing was stopped and samples destroyed.Chinese government has blood on its hands over coronavirus.’

    originally published by The Sun, where you can comment – I did.

    On March 28, 2020

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