Free report by clim8safe can help you $AVE.

This year I set out on a new business journey with my clim8safe consultancy. The 1st phase is brokering battery ready solar power solutions for home, business and rentals. And I started by getting a new solar system installed for our own property. The excercise proved that you can $ave straight up, zero dollars down.

And as you can see below its still working well with significant savings set to continue all year round.


Once Ive run the numbers for you it becomes very clear how you stand to $ave. And I also can compare and organise the best finance for you, plus package up hot water, pool pump upgrades and air conditioning too!

I'll even help decipher the power provider plan choices and give you guidance on optimising your power usage to help $ave more. Its a free service for you, I get paid by the installer/s of your choice only after and if you do decide to install.

What sets clim8safe apart from other solar quotes is:

  1. NEVER farm out your details so I protect you from unsolicited material/spam

  2. Personally model your optimum system size & spec then go out and find the best provider/s for you

  3. Interpret and compare your options taking care to consider company track record so you get maximum assurance



So what are you waiting for get in touch today m:0419 674 584


PS if saving the planet is on your radar then thats our focus too :)


About the author: Mat Colefax is based on the Sunshine Coast and specializes in helping business, homeowners and tenants to benefit from solar savings. He also advocates for clean power and transport volunteering consistently at Zero Emissions and renewable lobby groups, and riding bicycles every chance he gets.

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