Frothing Friday Fotos - Noosa and Cooloola

In our xplor4 work (and play) we get to take a bunch of nice photos at awesome spots. With a few decades worth of such great imagery to share we decided it might make an occasional photo gallery post interesting, just to share the love. First Friday in February lets see just a few of the thousands of photos we have from around here near Noosa. See if you can guess some of the locations, answers posted below the gallery. And of course should you need imagery or video we can help. Enjoy:)



Naturally all xplor4 imagery can be supplied in super hi definition on request.

Answers are in order:

  • Noosa North Shore - Teewah and the great lake Cootharabah birdseye!
  • Emu Mountain (mound) - not quite in Noosa but you can certainly see it
  • Noosa surf points - 1st point and TeaTree Bay sure you guessed those
  • Alexandria Bay - the outermost beach in Noosa always worth the walk 
  • Sunshine beach dolphins - always love watching them play and relax
  • Boulumba Falls gorge - still one of our favourite day trips from Noosa
  • Double Island Point - and another absolutely awesome must do here
  • Poona Lake - the secluded semi secret jewel in the crown of cooloola
  • Mount Cooroora - Tuchekoi National Park a closeby summit to xplor4
  • Mill & Figtree Points - even more amazing in real life than the photos

So thats Frothing Friday for you, hope you like it thanks to comment below:)


About the author: Mat Colefax celebrates and gets out in the Noosa and Cooloola environments with his family and friends every chance he gets. He  welcomes queries/requests about imagery as here at xplor4 we've got a lot to share. Plus with pro photographer B and videographer Wesley the sky's the limit to what we can do for you.

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