Getting Solar PV Power 2020.2

You could $ave straight away, on your power bills for your home and/or business. Zero deposit, Zero effort, we take care of it all for you!

The proof is in the pudding, or in the case of solar your bills for power.

This article is a followup to my 1st Getting Solar PV writeup. In anticipation of our 1st power bill since solar went on our roof, I logged on to my provider account and saw the above indication, which boded well with an expected zero $ to pay! This is a great result for my new business clim8safe.


As a backgound, in my clim8safe business I help you $ave.


$ave your time and money while at the same time saving carbon, clim8safe connects you to the best solar systems and advances at the best prices. Creating climate safe solutions and systems for business, governing agencies and homes. We broker you the best deals and warranties on the very best gear.

Key Products
Solar power systems, hot water, heating/cooling, integrated backup/battery and electric vehicles. Electric Zero Emissions transport and tools - cars, bikes, buses, boats, boards and all aspects of renewably powered machinery. Mowers, fleet, farm equipment also monitoring and management systems for water resources. Energy efficiency reports. Carbon reduction change mechanisms and more. We even help you choose your new power plan provider!

Tenants as well
Yes clim8safe can help tenants and renters to benefit from solar too. We work with body corporates, resorts, managers, skeptics and any other situation to make it simple as possible so everyone wins with solar for tenants, solar for renters, and solar for all scenarios.


And lo and behold our next bill came in as a credit!!

We went from paying nearly $700 to getting a credit of 70!

So taking into account the finance repayments we chose, our actual outgoings are roughly half what we would have been paying without solar. Essentially we will be over one thousand dollars in front in our first year, and probably more again each subsequent year. Then in a few years when our finance is all repaid we will have free power* so saving several thousand dollars minimum each year, AND have energy security of our own system supplying our own power the whole time.

That highlights how having my professional brokerage clim8safe on your side can ensure your solution withstands the test of time. Two decades or more when it comes to solar. We get you the best guarantees on the best gear that will outperform and outlast. We point out the best financing. Best of all it costs you nothing, my services and expertise are paid for by the suppliers. $aving your precious time, effort and money. Simple.


Crucial is selecting the best reputable equipment with the best backing.

There is so much garbage being pushed into the market, cheap chinese rip offs, rubbish components and dodgy installs are rife in the solar industry. As your independent broker clim8safe keeps you safe from all that. Only the best gear generates results as good as ours. Plus I decipher the guarantees so you are protected longterm. Also I sort the best finance options for you to consider, a complete solution made simple. The results of our own carefully selected solution prove it. 


We have saved over 2.0 tonnes of carbon since switching on our solar.


I am looking forward to helping you $ave too. On your power, transport, time and  bills. And save carbon. We even help you choose the best power provider plan for you. Its a FREE service for you and anyone in your network of family, friends and contacts. What are you waiting for!

get in touch today! mc @ or call 0419 674 584.



About the author: Mat Colefax loves to create win win solutions to benefit others and the environment. Hes always volunteered at community organisations, for example Zero Emissions groups. His business clim8safe can help you $ave straight away. He rides boards and bikes too, hence his other businesses, M8 for sport imports and, this website.



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