Getting Solar PV power 2020

This is an evolving story, stay tuned here and to followup posts. Are you considering getting solar or one of the millions who already have? Please share in the comments below after reading our experience about getting Solar PV power in 2020. And please take a look at clim8safe.

Our story

One of the first things to come out of our family clim8 action planning was to get a solar system to generate electricity at home. The primary goal is to save carbon but as it turns out we stand to save significantly financially too!. Australians are going solar in a big way. We actually did it on our last place a decade ago but ended up doing our dough as we sold long before recouping costs. That led us to sign up for greenpower instead in an effort to join the movement and incentivise the shift to renewables. Greenpower was meant to grow demand for Utility Large Scale renewables. But greenpower unfortunately did not work out as you can see below and here: Click on the picture for old report NOW CRASHED <200K!


That is in stark contrast to the phenomenal rise of Solar PV power worldwide and in Australia:

I was familiar with this through my volunteering at the local Zero Emissions Community group for many years. Where it became crystal clear that Solar empowers us to be the change as opposed to waiting on the powers that be. The benefits and economics of Solar are irrefutable, and theres great ways to write off new solar PV installations, for both owners and renters.

YES if you rent long term or are a business tenant I can help you get savings from Solar too!

Put simply Solar is still a no brainer if you dont plan to sell and/or move. So once we decided it was more likely we'd not be selling it was go time to get Solar... again.

Currently there is a deluge of solar systems being sold in Australia. And even more misinformation. That means a lot to wade through if you dont know whats what. Such as the mistaken fear that the rebates are disappearing fast! The great thing is that by re-doing it myself now Im in an even better position to help others professionally through my clim8safe FREE solar brokering.


In a nutshell in 2020 most new solar should be able to pay itself off within 3-6 years (sometimes less) even when financed for ZERO dollars upfront.


Thats true for both business and home installs. Also true is that this is as good a time to get solar as any. And crucially to protect your investment and protect against wastage you want a 20+ year panel warranty and 10+ year inverter and installer warranty all from reputable longstanding companies. Avoid a sobstory in a few years due to disappearing suppliers and stuff going to landfill, Ask me how.

Yes theres a lot of other details in between but thats where clim8safe comes in. Making it simpler and easier for you by cutting to the chase. We quickly zero in on the best solution and why it is so. For further explanation please check back here later when we have actual personal data on our new system as proof! In the meantime heres what we are aiming at:



Enviro outcomes could be saving over 3.5 Tonnes of Coal fired pollution p/a, and all associated transport and logistics! 

Equivalent of planting over 200 trees. But please plant trees also anyway!

Comments very much appreciated, likewise liking both our xplor4 and clim8safe socials thankyou.


Mat Colefax in Noosa (our own 2020 solar system going on below)



About the author: Mat is super stoked to help businesses, homeowners AND tenants get the best solar system possible. Through volunteering for Zero Emissions, helping others and buying new solar himself he knows exactly how to help.

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