New year New venture.

As the horrific reality of climate change charred Australia this summer. Its been foremost in my mind to do what we can now, and also to take steps towards longterm work that helps. In terms of what we can do now, apart from registering to help recovery efforts as we have, there is a bewildering amount of fire fundraising. Donating to bush regeneration and minimise wildlife extinctions as per this link being just one. Just click on the link to see the post. If you dont have fakebook try here.

Secondly I begin a climate action memo for our own family. So many resources out there such as this nice website  which we might model our memo on. Have you got one to share please comment or email!

Thirdly In terms of work that helps I begin building my clim8safe business idea. I aim to transform my career to leverage more of my time and energy on this. Brokering better solutions to save cost and carbon.

In other news weve been blessed by perfect outdoors weather here during our break, but cannot let that lull us into inaction. We were thrilled to camp out in the beautiful hinterland and also stay at Stradbrokes old eco resort, both of which I intend to writeup later. I was personally thrilled to leave the laptop behind for the duration.

Back onboard and back into it. Yes we will continue to xplor4, and consult to outdoors and adventuring enterprise. As always with climate in mind and now my new clim8safe goals too.


Mat Colefax.

About: Mat lives a low carbon life with his family of 5 on QLD's Sunshine Coast since 2 decades+. Often outdoors, he loves people power, pedal and paddle power, plus xploring of course. 

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