Noosa trail network masterplan.

Right here in our home county, Trails are getting some great attention thanks to the Noosa trails network masterplan. An initiative of Noosa tourism and Noosa Biosphere now there is a clear way forward for Noosa to take the reigns and ride into the future on the swell of support for trails facilities. Something we can all be excited for, xplor4 sure are! After the excellent official presentation today things are sure to accelerate and attract support.



Over the years weve often wondered what could be.. Like many enthusiasts our home trails here captured our hearts decades ago. Mat used to help with the Noosa enduro MTB events on those same trails, and also rode in every single enduro held. He even has travelled parts on foot and by ebike on occasion. As an insiders tip he noted special mention of Woondum and Mothar mountain, definitely a highpoint. Heres a short vid of the memorial lookout up there from a few years ago.



And take a look at a portion of the enticing elevation profiles of those parts here



Of course 500m descending makes it a clear canditate for mountain bike uplifts or ebikes. Something you will see mentioned often in our articles. National Park designation does however mean a hefty reality check... yet heres hoping.

Whats your favourite trail in the Noosa network, do you have a question? For more insight get in touch or drop us a line. And dont hesitate to check out or ask about any of our xplor4 maps on the AllTrails app too.


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