One Top spot to do in TNQ. Tablelands Crater Lakes.

Lake Eacham is an ancient crater lake on the Tablelands. A top spot to explore when in Tropical North QLD, loved by locals and visitors alike, highly reccomended by xplor4 as a #1 nature exploration.


For our entire lifetimes we have been regulars at Lake Eacham, A firm favourite that always delivers. Its a special place well worth the journey. A few hours drive from Cairns or Port Douglas, with plenty of other interesting sights along the way (watch our next posts for more). Make this your must do in TNQ!

Luscious dense rainforest surrounds the lakes emerald clear depths. There is a surfaced walking trail around the entire lake, a few km of gently undulating shaded peace, allow at least an hour to enjoy it. And bring bathers because the biggest attraction is a soak and a swim. Averaging near 40M deep of shimmering sweet water, there are parts of the lake that descend a lot deeper! There is even a spooky real life mystery of a dead body resurfacing from those depths after years of disappearance despite navy diver searches and all!! Dont let that put you off. Get wet and we guarantee you will feel better because of it. We always do. We often Stand Up Paddle the lake too with our own boards however its just as amazing to simply swim or snorkel.




Local aborigine legends relate an Adam and Eve kind of story about how Lake Eacham came to be. Two young hunters interfered with the sacred flametree against the warnings of the elders, Angering the great deity 'Rainbow Serpent Yamini' so causing catastrophic ruptures in the earth that created the crater lakes. There is some nice interp onsite about the natural history, however we would love to see more. And of course link it to culture and discovering.

Lake Eacham, and in fact the other tabelands lakes too, definitely qualify as an aqua-trail potential location. And actually we do want to share them through our own maps and apps for any of you interested. Management and user groups alike. Just get in touch with through our online chat below right or comments, call us, or even

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