Part 2 electric commuter ebike for community and ebikeshare

Welcome and thankyou for reading this post about electric commuter / leisure bicycles. Its a flow on from our previous post about electric Mountain Bikes. Yes we are able to help you with ebikes, be it for private, commercial, community or other interest and yes we have commercial and fleet options. And also we write with a view to progress a local project for community benefit, based around these solar charged electric bikes.

We've taken the ebike on adventures between towns and even on trails!

In this article we will focus in on ebikes for commuting, particularly on a new ebike we beleive is best in that class. And has many brilliant commercial advantages. For many years we have ridden every ebike we could get our hands on, both on and off road. And for many decades weve ridden and been passionate non electric bicyclists. We know bikes.

When it comes to commuting and community ebikeshare theres been some sad stories of failed public programs with bikes being trashed, abused and generally unsuccesful. And although private individual ebikes are selling strongly there are many potential owners/users who could not see enough value... yet.

The balance between quality, rideability and cost had not been reached till now, when we acquired this latest sample ebike pictured below. Which finally ticks all the boxes!

 Beautiful integrated battery design and functionality

 Best balance of weight distribution and lightweight !

 Best cost to quality ratio of any bike weve yet seen.


These bikes enable eco friendly everyday commuting and transport as well as weekend adventure! In fact we've explored some great places because of the extra range and accessibility this bike brought to our cycling. This article will be expanded upon in subsequent articles addressing ebikes.

Below we give you the option to note your interest in community electric bikeshare and bulk buy ebike savings simply tick the boxes below cheers.


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