Pumptracks skills courses and introductory trails update

Following in the theme of our previous post, pumptracks are blowing up all over Australia including the Sunshine Coast. We are about to get our 1st proper pumptrack here! An asphalt pump track at sugarbag MTB park by local builders trailworx courtesy Sunshine Coast Council see below. I am sure you'd agree its looking pretty flash, thanks guys!

Theres several more pumptracks underway or proposed nearby around SEQ in addition to the ones weve tested at central and north coasts. The steady proliferation of pumptracks locally bears witness to the gap in the market, where the explosion of cycling and trails has highlighted how demand is growing for family friendly facilities (but not sk8parks). Places where everyone can chill and hang out, practice and learn. For the young at heart its perfect to progress riding skills. As well being able to fit on lots in close proximity to town, the compact site footprints also keep the logistics side of going for a ride/run contained. As any riding parent will tell you thats a big consideration when taking the littlies for a ride.

Weve helped and had fun on a bunch of awesome pumptracks over the years, all sorts from the best bitumen pumptracks, modular preform pumptracks, through to grassroots down to earth dirt pumptracks.


Right now we are also gauging demand on an idea for a short 1km introductory trail in the middle of town, that has parking, toilets, high levels of security and visibility. It would be very accessible for training after work/school, also families and all ages/abilities and adaptive trail adventure. Most importantly it meets the need for a facility that bridges the gap from starting out right through to finetuning trails technique progression so providing a pathway for engaging with mountain bike and trailrun aspiration. Plus it would address the growing need for an introductory experience for new riders and trailrunners to take their 1st steps/spins offpiste. This meshes perfectly with the pumptrack ideas so it makes sense to locate them side by side. If you like this idea please say so:)

If you would like to know more about any of the ideas mentioned or have ideas of your own please comment below or reach out on any of our channels including the chat button below right.


About the author: Mat Colefax lives and breathes all things outdoors, and has always advocated for pedal and paddle sports. He also advocates for zero emissions so sees the importance of close to town facilities that can be accessed easily by public or zero carbon transport. Such as cycling direct from home.


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