Queenslands 1st electric Bus

As xplor4 carbon conscious consultancy expands to transport and energy. We are aiming to assist the uptake of Electric transport, from e-bikes and cars right through to trucks and buses! Buses contribution to community and shared transport load should not be overlooked. The backstory to this stems from early experiences over 3 decades ago as a kid on old ice school buses. Suffering that pollution so long ago played a part in directing my life course as an eco advocate. So when I heard my hometown had planned Queenslands 1st fully commercial electric bus, on my birthday by crazy co-incidence! I jumped at the chance to get onboard and see whats the fuss about this EVbus.


Enjoy the video below 


The full size passenger bus travels a few hundred km's and climbs a few km's elevation every day but generally uses not even half of the battery! This means it can get most of its recharge in the remaining daylight from a solar installation. And if the energy agreement is right it could get the rest from renewables such as the Barron Valley Hydro and Mount Emerald windfarm. Even though at present this bus costs more to buy it is sure to be much more cost effective than ice buses due to a quadruple bottom line of zero fuel, very low service costs, increase of brand and trade value, and customer experience. In fact you could argue its in front from day 1.

It must be said that Capta, the company operating the bus have a large established fleet of well maintained regular buses. They are as efficient and comfortable as any ice buses. They are doing the right thing already. After just a month of operating this EVbus there is every expectation an accelerated program to change over to Electric buses could catch on in the industry Australiawide. We are advocating and consulting to try and help that happen even faster. For Capta to take this 1st step and invest in zero emissions buses its a real credit to them, and also to just how good the EVbus goes in the real world. If you ever get a chance Tropic North QLD truly is a beautiful place to go zero and see it in action for yourself!

Our takeaway was that we loved riding on this bus compared to fossil fuel powered buses. And as a clim8safe consultancy we will definitely do our bit to see more EVbuses everywhere instead of ice (internal combustion engine). We have in our network suppliers at all sizes and scale to suit. Along with the renewable energy solutions for charging!

Our clim8safe consultancy can broker ebuses, ebikes and more to help you $ave!

We would love to help with any initiative near you, email@xplor4.com

Mat Colefax.



About the author: Advocating change for the better, Mat volunteers at Zero Emissions Noosa as well as other community groups since 2 decades. Living low carbon with a family of five Mat likes getting around by pedal, paddle and renewable electric power. He now offers carbon conscious consulting to business, govt, and homeowners under the name clim8safe. He is also Australia's 1st kitesurfer.



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