redpaddle river rafting

Getting a group onboard in the annual raging thunder river race in Kuranda tnq, was always going to work well with the redpaddle XL group board! The guys and girls got a great lead early, but raging thunder river rafting races are rough and tumble. Rules schmools.., running into each other is half the fun!! and in the end team 'pacific w'sports' on the redXL board, were unable to avoid 'revenge of the rafters!' Thanks to Sunny Otake for the pics attached, and see the socials here.

A great event, and lots more to come this summer. 1st up a massive sup demo day by K&S at cotton tree on Nov 7th. There will be loads of hardboards as well as the full range of redpaddle to try! thanks to like and share. Also If youve got any good events coming up get in touch to book some redpaddle boards for yours.



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