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Welcome to the 1st in a series of Tasmania's top tracks for daytrips.

Weve been lucky enough to take two trips to Tasmania in 2021 and spend time on some of the apple isles famous trails again! They love their trails there and it shows. This one is quite possibly the most famous of them all, and for good reason. Beautifully built and aligned it truly takes the cake as a top daytrip.

There are some wonderful longer and harder walks around the surrounding peninsula and up onto the bluffs but trekking to wineglass bay and back is simply sublime. Definitely the best bang for buck! Make sure to take the small detour to the lookout at the crest. Also to allow quality time for reflection and relax on the beach below:)

Wineglass bay track is the better part of 10km there and back especially if you walk the beach for a bit (photo links in the map below), with around 1000 stairs! Theres no facilities or water or anything. Be prepared. If you want more info let us know and we will be happy to oblige.

Distance to trail from Hobart - 1/2 day drive

Distance to trail from Launceston - a few hours drive, stay tuned to our next Taz top tracks article for the best trail to tackle on the way there or back!


 Wineglass bay beach Tasmania trails


Author Mat Colefax is a big fan of Tasmania and all its wonderful trails. Wineglass bay is top of the list, well worth a special trip!

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