Tasmania top tracks for daytrips 2 - Dove lake delight

Cradle Mountain, its name is legend. Especially for trekkers as its an anchor feature for the most famous multiday walk in Australasia. The Overland Tasmanian Track. Upon seeing the mountain you can imagine its formation in an Armageddon of fiery primeval forces.

While Cradle Mountain may look like the aftermath of an asteroid impact its actually said to have formed from eons of glaciation. Which also carved out chasms like the one now filled by beautiful Dove Lake at the foot of the mountain. A circuit track around the lake is our 2nd highlighted Tassie trail.

We recommend this track for a daytrip with potential views of Cradle Mountain. But beware of the weather and if its a bad forecast you may not see the mountain at all. Dove lake itself has many moods, from reflective mirror to roaring whitecaps, its a pleasure in its own right.

Dove lake and its circuit track are deep within the national park and for most of the day the access road is shut to incoming traffic. It is open to cars 1st thing to drive up and park for the day. But we opted to get a bus pass to and from the info center to be back for lunch. Just be sure not to miss the last bus or you face a 4hr trek back.

The circuit track takes 2-3 hours, and includes the boathouse shack and many vantage points. Wildlife abounds with lots of photo ops, and we've sighted snow on the distant peaks each time we went.

The drive from Launceston takes several hours, with lots of diversions Its a lovely day out. Theres going to be a brand new visitors center at the lake soon, but in the interim byo. Note there is a fee to enter the National Park as well as to get on the bus. Enjoy!


Cradle Mountain echidna

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