Tis the Season..

Hello and Seasons Greetings from our little C'fax clan on the Sunshine Coast Australia. Its a season for celebrating and taking time with family and friends. Lots of sunny days and plenty of sweets and treats too. And it is also a season when many set their sights on the coming year/s ahead. For myself personally it will be big changes in my career and business direction. With my new re-focus being to help business, govt. and homeowners be clim8safe.

By bringing together carbon conscious cost saving solutions from solar and circular regen to transport and logistics we will save their money and in small steps save the environment at the same time!

Whats in it for you: A simple solution to set yourself ahead of the game. clim8safe.com

Is solar working for you, recycling/regen too?, what about your modes of transport and operations? By brokering the best integrated innovations along with smart finance options clim8safe will benefit business, govt. and households. It will protect clients from rising energy, transport and operations costs, as well insurability issues and more. Improving real profitability now and exponentially for the future. It shall save $$ and add to your asset value/revalue, all the while working toward zero carbon so satisfying eco aspirations. Intended to eventually act also as a consolidating enterprise for products and resourcing, clim8safe is a big task I really look forward to. As a lifelong eco advocate this is the best way I can give back now. 

Effectively clim8safe is the perfect culmination of my lifetime focus on ecological endeavours. Since my formative years in the world heritage listed tropics I've always taken great care to uphold environmental values in everything I do. Thats enriched my experience every step of the way so now I look forward to share and contribute to the sector professionally.


That said xplor4 definitely will still offer outdoors and trails expertise and I aim to expand that side of xplor4. I see clim8safe consulting as a natural extension to offer on top of other endeavours, and in its own right. Thankyou to my many mentorlike associates out there who have helped me zero in on this fresh purpose and passion. I am grateful for everyone and everything thats led me to the next evolution of lifes journey. Wish me well, and ask away about anything, I'd love to hear from you.

And of course in the mean time we wish the very best to you and yours for Christmas and New Years! May you be very very merry, maybe find a little xplor4 fun and froth. Or even enjoy emulating a sloth! Share it with those you love, like in our little vid below. Thanks to share it round. Seasons greetings.



Mat Colefax

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