New year New venture.

As the horrific reality of climate change charred Australia this summer. Its been foremost in my mind to do what we can now, and also to take steps towards longterm work that helps. In terms of what we can do now, apart from registering to help recovery efforts as we have, there is a bewildering amount of fire fundraising. Donating to bush regeneration and minimise wildlife extinctions as per this link being just one. Just click on the link to see the post. If you dont have fakebook try here.

Secondly I begin a climate action memo for our own family. So many resources out there such as this nice website  which we might model our memo on. Have you got one to share please comment or email!

Thirdly In terms of work that helps I begin building my clim8safe business idea. I aim to transform my career to leverage more of my time and energy on this. Brokering better solutions to save cost and carbon.

In other news weve been blessed by perfect outdoors weather here during our break, but cannot let that lull us into inaction. We were thrilled to camp out in the beautiful hinterland and also stay at Stradbrokes old eco resort, both of which I intend to writeup later. I was personally thrilled to leave the laptop behind for the duration.

Back onboard and back into it. Yes we will continue to xplor4, and consult to outdoors and adventuring enterprise. As always with climate in mind and now my new clim8safe goals too.


Mat Colefax.

About: Mat lives a low carbon life with his family of 5 on QLD's Sunshine Coast since 2 decades+. Often outdoors, he loves people power, pedal and paddle power, plus xploring of course. 

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Tis the Season..

Hello and Seasons Greetings from our little C'fax clan on the Sunshine Coast Australia. Its a season for celebrating and taking time with family and friends. Lots of sunny days and plenty of sweets and treats too. And it is also a season when many set their sights on the coming year/s ahead. For myself personally it will be big changes in my career and business direction. With my new re-focus being to help business, govt. and homeowners be clim8safe.

By bringing together carbon conscious cost saving solutions from solar and circular regen to transport and logistics we will save their money and in small steps save the environment at the same time!

Whats in it for you: A simple solution to set yourself ahead of the game.

Is solar working for you, recycling/regen too?, what about your modes of transport and operations? By brokering the best integrated innovations along with smart finance options clim8safe will benefit business, govt. and households. It will protect clients from rising energy, transport and operations costs, as well insurability issues and more. Improving real profitability now and exponentially for the future. It shall save $$ and add to your asset value/revalue, all the while working toward zero carbon so satisfying eco aspirations. Intended to eventually act also as a consolidating enterprise for products and resourcing, clim8safe is a big task I really look forward to. As a lifelong eco advocate this is the best way I can give back now. 

Effectively clim8safe is the perfect culmination of my lifetime focus on ecological endeavours. Since my formative years in the world heritage listed tropics I've always taken great care to uphold environmental values in everything I do. Thats enriched my experience every step of the way so now I look forward to share and contribute to the sector professionally.


That said xplor4 definitely will still offer outdoors and trails expertise and I aim to expand that side of xplor4. I see clim8safe consulting as a natural extension to offer on top of other endeavours, and in its own right. Thankyou to my many mentorlike associates out there who have helped me zero in on this fresh purpose and passion. I am grateful for everyone and everything thats led me to the next evolution of lifes journey. Wish me well, and ask away about anything, I'd love to hear from you.

And of course in the mean time we wish the very best to you and yours for Christmas and New Years! May you be very very merry, maybe find a little xplor4 fun and froth. Or even enjoy emulating a sloth! Share it with those you love, like in our little vid below. Thanks to share it round. Seasons greetings.



Mat Colefax

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Queenslands 1st electric Bus

As xplor4 carbon conscious consultancy expands to transport and energy. We are aiming to assist the uptake of Electric transport, from e-bikes and cars right through to trucks and buses! Buses contribution to community and shared transport load should not be overlooked. The backstory to this stems from early experiences over 3 decades ago as a kid on old ice school buses. Suffering that pollution so long ago played a part in directing my life course as an eco advocate. So when I heard my hometown had planned Queenslands 1st fully commercial electric bus, on my birthday by crazy co-incidence! I jumped at the chance to get onboard and see whats the fuss about this EVbus.



The full size passenger bus travels a few hundred km's and climbs a few km's elevation every day but generally uses not even half of the battery! This means it can get most of its recharge in the remaining daylight from a solar installation. And if the energy agreement is right it could get the rest from renewables such as the Barron Valley Hydro and Mount Emerald windfarm. Even though at present this bus costs more to buy it is sure to be much more cost effective than ice buses due to a quadruple bottom line of zero fuel, very low service costs, increase of brand and trade value, and customer experience. In fact you could argue its in front from day 1.

It must be said that Capta, the company operating the bus have a large established fleet of well maintained regular buses. They are as efficient and comfortable as any ice buses. They are doing the right thing already. After just a month of operating this EVbus there is every expectation an accelerated program to change over to Electric buses could catch on in the industry. We are advocating and consulting to try and help that happen. For Capta to take this 1st step and invest in zero emissions buses its a real credit to them, and also to just how good the EVbus goes in the real world. If you ever get a chance it truly is a beautiful place to go zero and see it in action for yourself!

Our takeaway was that we loved riding on this bus compared to fossil fuel powered buses. And as a clim8safe consultancy we will definitely do our bit to see more EVbuses everywhere instead of ice (internal combustion engine). We have in our network suppliers at all sizes and scale to suit. Along with the renewable energy solutions for charging!

We would love to help with any initiative near you,

Mat Colefax.



About the author: Advocating change for the better, Mat volunteers at Zero Emissions Noosa as well as other community groups since 2 decades. Living low carbon with a family of five Mat likes getting around by pedal, paddle and renewable electric power. He now offers carbon conscious consulting to business, govt, and homeowners under the name clim8safe. He is also Australia's 1st kitesurfer.



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Carbon Conscious Cool stuff 01

How rad is this Audi buggy! Supercar Blondie is luivin the dream as always. And Audi gets a big thumbs up from us for this one. Bring it on!


Harley Davidson's new slogan 'the future is electric' is embodied in their sweet new 'lightweight e-dirtbike' Surely the cool thing here is that its Harley Davidson going green!

And for yet more 2 wheel good vibes, this pedal assisted UBco bike looks the goods. 20HP, 80kmh, 50kg!!! Their utility bikes are street legal and under 10K, not sure about this one but keen to learn more. If you are? comment below cheers.

image credit Andre Vasilenko.

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Earthtech Youth Challenge

Here’s a post about something close to our hearts. All my life I’ve always strived to protect the planet and all its awesome ecosystems. Living a low carbon lifestyle as well as volunteering my time to organisations that stand up for these values, such as UNESCO Biosphere boards and Zero Emissions groups etc. I gravitated towards the growing movement of people and places that protect their environment by embracing the best cleantech and design. As Earths population approaches 8B with exponential associated advances, a global environmental catastrophe looms large. The need for EPIC enterprise that can protect and even save the earth is now greater than ever.

We (many close contacts and me) recognize that epic enterprise in 'Earthtech's' exciting new social enterprise. Its something we can contribute to close to home but with global potential. I would urge you to check it out and share it round everywhere that you can. Who knows you may just give the next 'green tech superstar' their start and save the world! Click the pic below.

#earthtech images thanks to RebeccaColefaxPhotography


Yes theres more and more of this kind of thing out there which is great. And the recent climate strikes show the swell of youth wanting to do something. The difference with Earthtech Youth Challenge is it is shifting the focus from refusing (-) to renewing (+). It is massively scalable from local to global. And as a new social enterprise Earthtech merges NFP and capitalist competition to elevate the very best ideas. For it to be truly epic thats what it will take. All the best mentoring plus the big investor $. And what it will take right now is crew like you to view, share and support it. Please go and see

Also please consider a donation of your time or your funds. Otherwise... Do you know anyone who could be on a team? Do you know anyone who could contribute mentoring and guidance? Please pass it around and at the same time we invite you to join the Earthtech (newsletter) tribe yourself. Theres nothing to lose if you do, but everything to lose if you dont.

On that note regardless where your stance is currently at on climate change. There is no argument against supporting youth to develop their best ideas with our best support. So show some heart, send this around your network today.



Bit of backstory:

Cofounded by Ant Moorhouse and Brian Keayes in Noosa, Earthtech team are all superstars in their respective fields and reach all around the globe. You will see some more about that on the Earthtech site. For our part Beck's B.Sc with triple majors - enviromental, marine science and GIS plus her considerable swathe of talent and experience in management, mapping and creative content compliments her burning desire to leave future generations a healthy environment. Beck worked in government and Cartography corporations, and is a successful small business owner, she has great skillsets and passion to contribute. As the Youth Challenge General Manager Beck breathes life into the whole Youth Challenge process, plus provides her phenomenal still photography skills too!

Mat doesnt just hug trees, he’s also hammering the pavement (and keyboard) to help wherever possible. Because Earthtech 'is just what we need right now right here'. Mat's always believed in going green. And always implemented that ethos in every way possible. Having consistently advocated and volunteered for green enterprise while building businesses, Mat sees radical green tech and disruption as an instrumental part of our societies solution. Putting his business and advocacy experience to good use as lead consultant at xplor4 Mat finds a good fit for the future in Earthtech. Beck and Mat raising their own young family in Noosa reinforces why we feel our youth are a fundamental motivation and driver for our future environment. We owe it to ourselves, our children, and our planet! Because there is no PLANet B.

For full disclosure xplor4 directors Mat and Beck Colefax absolutely are involved and invested in Earthtech. We believe that it aligns well with all our customers and clientele too. Please reach out for any info or to show your support. Thankyou.



#earthtech images thanks to RebeccaColefaxPhotography

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Cooroy Mountain festival annual climb

Mount Cooroy on the northern Sunshine Coast has a special place in the xplor4 story. It was the backdrop for so much of our xplor'ing these last 2 decades, from a distance its iconic pyramid peak often stands out grandly. We have thousands of photos and memories from kitesurfing and paddling the ocean, rivers and lakes with Mt Cooroy visible in the background. As well as many other outdoors missions where far distant Mt Cooroy would provide a welcome reference for our navigation. We even personally purchased boulders from the mountain quarry for our own landscaping, as we liked so much the huge rocks of the seaway groynes and giant rockwalls all around Noosas beautiful waterways. In fact iconic Noosa main beach and Noosa Waters are help up by stone from the mountain quarry! Anyway only once a year Cooroy mountain is open to the public to climb and wonder!



The trail is super raw and rough just the way we like it, but not overgrown. And the views are simply awesome. Being a rare chance there is literally hundreds of likeminded outdoorsy crew climbing too. This gives it a special 'event' kind of ambience. And of course pot luck with the weather, luckily yesterday was awesome. So we share here some of the pics from this year, and invite you all to share yours or any questions. Enjoy, for the gallery click below, Share it round. Cheers.





TSLA Men's Barefoot Training Running Minimalist Trail Shoes BK40-GR 12 US



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Unique UX matrix

Do you deliver a product, experience or service? Do you manage an area, asset, or user group? Are you interested how people interact with your enterprise. 'User Experience' is our specialty and passion. We all want great outcomes, and we all benefit from great 'user experience' design. No matter what it is that you do, or what drives you, there is scope to explore and anticipate. Put yourself in the picture, let xplor4 put our unique UX matrix to work for you. 


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WIN a day out on our BIG SUP board

To celebrate the launch of the new Adventure Sunshine Coast website which we helped create content for. We are about to giveaway FREE a giant Standup Paddle adventure tour on one of the trails that is mapped on that ASC site.

To enter we are asking for comments, either via our review tab at right, or like and comment / post on our fb page.


Super simple so go on and get yourself in the draw. Winner to be announced very soon via our fb page (viewable without acc.)


Comments about the Adventure Sunshine Coast website are particularly relevant and regarded, so check it out by clicking below.


Yes the tour is transferable, anytime over the next year*. And YES you can always hire our big board anytime as well. Great for any group adventure, bonding, teambuild, familytime! Its a great gift idea, gift vouchers available from

Happy Easter, may you find what makes you smile!


*always at our discretion, as are the winners. Good luck go for it!

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Awesome Content creation, connectivity and GIS

The new Adventure Sunshine Coast website by Sunshine Coast Council is live!

We proudly present the coasts new trails resource! By sunny coasters for sunny coasters. xplor4 was stoked to contribute consulting services for this great project. The new site gives outdoors enthusiasts both local and visitors a FREE central site to plan and share their adventures. There are no annoying ads, and no business bias, no commercial agenda at all!. Its just the best trails for all activities presented in one central place. We already collated hundreds of Sunny Coast trails from glasshouse to cooloola for you in these categories!


MC at xplor4 leveraged our decades of trails experience on the coast to collect and curate some fantastic experiences. He logged thousands of km's out in the wild, we took thousands of great photos (2500 available now), and wrote tens of thousands of copy writing words!  Many tracks are old favourites, popular, even famous. Yet for sure you will find yourself new experiences through the site. So go ahead, you can join in on your computer or mobile, go on group walks, put your own spin on tracks, even add reviews and pictures of your own. And yes you can suggest other trails too!

Our scope of works included recommending, reconnaissance and then recording lots of awesome tracks and trails so you get the cherry picked premium selection at your fingertips. Theres 300 Hectares of terrain on offer so naturally a lot of options. And plenty of other trails yet to be explored, the site will grow and get better by everyones participation. So what are you waiting for. Check it out, try a track or aquatrail yourself, review it and definitely let us know what you think of this new site. Doing so enters you automatically for $ and FREE prizes.

For an extra chance to WIN the big board for a day, you can post a review from our red reviews tab at right of this screen. Handy for extra kudos or if you dont do fakebook.   new site





FREE PRIZE GIVEAWAY #2 Big board day out from xplor4


Want to just borrow our big board, yes its available for hire, hens&bucks, tours, teambuilding, parties, and more! Just get in touch with xplor4. Likewise if you need an outdoors consulting firm for any project big or small look no further.

For example if you want trails or outdoors imagery, video, dronework or any promotional activities, xplor4 can organize it for you. We can also liaise with landowners and council on your behalf and integrate trails projects.

Thanks for reading, Thanks to MC@xplor4 for contributing cool pics and writeups, and thanks to KM and team@SCcouncil for imagining and building 'Adventure Sunshine Coast'

As always xplor the 4 corners of your world, smile and stay hydrated. 


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Most popular Glasshouse Mountain of all


Mt Coonowrin (eldest son) with Mt Beerwah (mum) behind, from Mt Ngungun

Of the 13 peaks in the group generally reffered to as the 'Glasshouse Mountains' Id hazard a guess at Mount Ngungun being the most popular peak to summit. 

Its 253m altitude trail is very well worn and highly trafficked, and for good reason. Its definitely the best bang for buck, brilliant views, an expansive and interesting summit to explore and an enticing lovers cave on the way. And its also closest to town (Glasshouse Mountains township). Which if you are ever nearby be sure to visit the information center at the township for fascinating insights into the story of this special part of our landscape. Weve heard whispers about the coming revamp of the Mt Ngungun trail which is very exciting, and an awesome multipeak route too! Definitely a lot of UX opportunities.

We will wrapup this brief writeup on that note so no spoilers, just stay tuned here and on our socials. For now we leave you with a few sunrise images from Mount Ngungun summit. Enjoy.




Where: Glasshouse Mountains township is about 1 hour drive north of Brisbane or 1 hr south of Noosa. The Mt Ngungun trailhead is a few km west on Fullertons rd.



Have you climbed Mt Ngungun or want to know more? comment below or chat button at right. And thanks to like and share.


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