redpaddle river rafting

Getting a group onboard in the annual raging thunder river race in Kuranda tnq, was always going to work well with the redpaddle XL group board! The guys and girls got a great lead early, but raging thunder river rafting races are rough and tumble. Rules schmools.., running into each other is half the fun!! and in the end team 'pacific w'sports' on the redXL board, were unable to avoid 'revenge of the rafters!' Thanks to Sunny Otake for the pics attached, and see the socials here.

A great event, and lots more to come this summer. 1st up a massive sup demo day by K&S at cotton tree on Nov 7th. There will be loads of hardboards as well as the full range of redpaddle to try! thanks to like and share. Also If youve got any good events coming up get in touch to book some redpaddle boards for yours.



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GO 1984

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2017 Standup paddle

Yes you read it here 1st!

2017 Stand Up Paddle boards see some gamechangers that we are excited to share with you our valued customers. Over the last decade weve become immersed in an ‘explore your world’ motto with our inflatable SUP business and lifestyle. All around the world its been growing so fast that its now the fastest growing and largest genre of SUP ! This has committed us to expanding to launch a new online portal, to deliver incredible products side by side with our proven awesome service. YES We are taking pre-orders now for 1st arrivals, so you can even secure your priority today!

Our winter tours went really well too, so much fun exploring and meeting fellow sup’rs. Meanwhile our testing of the 2017 standup paddle range is going great, we love the new accessories attachments and windsurfing and are stoked on the package deals we will be offering as well as services to go with our products. Such as below, click to see a video preview of moments in one of the awesome tours we will offer year round. From your 1stop adventure SUP shop. Explore your world with us.




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Packrafts and pocket hammocks

This one is a longterm project which may or may not come to fruition... ever. Since we have done a few overnight adventures we noted that when carrying everything onboard, either paddling or biking, lighweight, compact and quick are the key.

And when it comes to lightweight, compact and quick theres nothing more suitable than packrafts and pocket hammocks. Of course theres cons too but in context these innovations are very interesting for paddlepacking / bikepacking.

Anyway its a niche within a niche within a niche so we are reticent to promise actual products. The purpose of this article is as a kind of beacon so that if anyone out there has any thoughts or questions they can contact us about them.

Your feedback is welcomed.


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Bombing Mt Buller

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First Post

Welcome to



We are family and friends who love to xplor all 4 corners of anywhere. Outdoors, off the grid, in the neighborhood, or urban xploring, its all good. 


We guarantee that theres love in everything we post. Whether its here or on our fakebook and instaspam (irregular) and especially if you reach out with a real life comment, chat (below right) or msg. Welcome.

M & R Colefax and crew.



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