Compressor 12V 320L/min electric inflation



Connect to 12V battery (car)

Portable Premium Air Compressor - 320L/min

This Portable Air Compressor can do double duty and inflate anything you'd imagine including inflatable SUP boards!. With a working capacity of 220PSI and 320L* per minute, it has the best speed to psi to price ratio of anything weve seen!. Its also equipped with a precise pressure valve for psi pre-setting.


  • Powerful 540W air compressor
  • Flow 320L/minute @ 220PSI
  • Convenient handle design for easy transportation
  • Top quality NPT fittings - Leakage free
  • Accurate dual pressure gauge
  • Power overload protection
  • Easy snap on air outlet
  • Auto reset thermal protection
  • Hose fitting:1/4" NPT + schraeder
  • Overall size: 33 x 15 x 22cm weight N/A
  • Hose length: 8m, Power cable length: 2m
  • Precise deflation valve for inflation and deflation pre setting
  • Comes with a durable carry bag, user manual, multi nozzle attachments and bonus tyre repair kit

SUP Usage reccomendations

Use with our redpaddle inflation adaptor as below. If connected to car battery, idle car engine while in use to avoid flat batt. And if using often, consider to use / install an anderson plug connection through autorun circuit, for this hi performance compressor.

Keep it dry, clean, and cool. Dont get it wet, especially with any saltwater splash. Protect it from sand and dust. Avoid overheating. Respect the auto thermal and power protect, if it shuts off, let it cool completely, clean the filter head and check the power connections before restarting. Recommended maximum duty cycle 30 minutes <40PSI <24°C. No warranty on overheated or sandy or shorted/water damage unit. OR EXPLODED BOARD!! 

This product is for delivery within Australia only, not remote areas. This product is not redpaddleco branded or associated. thankyou.

Bundle with our inflation adaptor or other accessories to save on freight ! NOTE: please add to order seperately. Freight may delay over xmas.


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