17' REDpaddleco XL Ride




17' x 60 XL REDpaddleco & 14'x48 L RIDE


Redpaddleco XL RIDE 17' x 60" INFLATABLE S.U.P board is the ultimate giant SUP! The L version is the ultimate to take the whole family or a few friends. And the Dragon race is the ultimate outrigger style racing sup experience!

XL  17'x60x8    volume HUGE   riderz 1000kg +

L    14'x48x8    volume V.BIG   riderz 500kg +

DRAGON race 22'x32x8  BIG  riderz 400kg

Using the most advanced MSL tecair technology from REDpaddle, the XL RIDE offers unparralleled weight to flotation and strength ratio. Its also guaranteed to last longer than anything... No other giant SUP comes close!

Although it can carry dozens of people, the REDpaddleco XL ride can easily be carried by just 2 people, or the L can carry by even just 1 person at a pinch! The lightweight MSL fabric and just air inside make the 17' REDpaddleco XL Ride and 14' L super easy to manage, Even for just one competent paddler on their own, or  as you can see a dozen all aboard together.

This board has been by far the family favourite, and event and tours favourite too!! As well as catching waves together, theres no end to the great activities you can enjoy on the REDpaddleco XL or L RIDE board. You can take the whole family, and also any tag alongs, the pets, the bbq, esky, deckchair, plus put your comfiest deckchair!

YES!! xplor4 are working to have hire XL, L and Dragon race versions for your corporate, teambuilding and family events / trips. Also we sell and supply to businesses of all sorts so contact us to find out what we can do for your business or event.

We also offer guided bigboard tours on the Noosa River year round. Bring your family and friends for an amazing xperience on our 'bigboard tour'

The 2017 REDpaddleco XL RIDE and its little brother the L, plus also the 22'race version'!, are all able to be pre-ordered by deposit for a special discount. Get in touch to get yours today!! email@redpaddleco.com.au

features: FUN FACTOR! TecAir MSL construction for ultimate pressure, stiffness, durability and airlock. Super strength to weight ratio, several handy carry handles around the outside, 4 inflate/deflate valves, 4 unbreakable ifins, 4massive cargo points, front and rear leash rings, performance deckgrip.


Whats included:

  • Paddles* as above only for the last stock L board
  • 2-4 of our original hi volume pumps, for the 4 inlets. 
  • Durable compression wrap cover, with 4 big buckles
  • TOLL EXPRESS ! Delivery to your door within Australia*


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