SUP 9'8 Ride




 9'8 x 31 RIDE

The surf and compact RIDE inflatable SUP board

New cool deckgraphic in embossed logo grip, redlogo embossed i.fins, revised rocker, 2 Ram mounts, tripletie crossover cargocord, 3rd generation MSL.

size 9'8x31x4     volume 193L  rider 30><90kg

RIDE 9'8 is thinner than the 10'6 and 10'8 models but holds high pressure for an amazingly stiff and responsive, 'authentic' experience.

A compact, great feeling and looking board, the 9'8 RIDE is by far the best board in its class for performance, presentation and versatility. Excellent railbite and stiffness on waves, and cuts through crosswinds too! Very popular with the ladies, and their surfing partners. You cant go wrong with a 9'8 Ride, always a safe bet for any lighter paddlers or keen surfers wanting to travel and explore. Plus its simply a great looking board to boot.

New model 3rd generation MSL construction is light at 8kg*, strong, stiff and even more durable!

features: TecAir MSL construction for ultimate 25psi pressure, stiffness, durability and airlock. Ram mount on front. Center and rear deluxe comfy carry handles, 3 unbreakable i.fins, tripletie crossover cargo points, colormatch cargo cord, front and rear leash rings, performance UV resist deckgrip. 1 year full guarantee.

Whats included:

  • TITAN double barrel HP handpump FREE UPGRADE* 
  • Rollerwheel convertible backpack TRY IT TO BELIEVE
  • RPC waterproof phone/key case + cannister + valvetool
  • TOLL EXPRESS ! Delivery to your door within Australia*


Paddles are normally extra to buy. Below xplor4 bonus pack saves over $200! Otherwise, please ask about options -call,chat,msg,txt!, or add one of our great paddles to your purchase!




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