REDpaddle Inflation Adaptor - to inflate by compressor





The Redpaddleco inflation adaptor allows you to hook a compressor up to inflate your Redpaddleco board. The ultimate way to avoid pump fatigue, and acheive optimum operating pressure of 25+psi  "CAUTION" regulate to avoid overinflate.

The Redpaddleco inflation adaptor fits in the palm of your hand, and works with any standard shraeder valve (car tyre) fitting. Its a great gift idea, and in our opinon an essential accessory to have on hand all the time. And yes when you buy an adaptor with one of our boards you save postage, plus will be able to swing past any service station to top up, or use your very own compressor, such as below!



Note 'RPC brand' inflation adaptor and 'No brand' compressor must add each individually, they are not auto together.

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