Piloted Parasail Propulsion invention

A quarter of a century since Mat Colefax instigated kitesurf and kiteboarding in Oceania. Its high time to take another of his early ideas to fruition too.


This idea is expanded upon in private documentation, available after NDA. Please ask before relating or allowing anyone other than yourself access. Thankyou.




MC - In the very beginning of the kite revolution I observed efforts to apply kite propulsion to crafts of all sizes. I intuitively gauged most of those as unsafe, ineffective and impractical. And in fact none have manifested into mainstream because of that.

Back then I sketched up my own ideas for Piloted Parasail Propulsion [PPP]!

But theres only so many hours in a decade. Instead of pursuing [PPP] too, I put 110% of my creative effort into creating kiteboarding and was proven correct at every turn. I kept busy at the advancing forefront of every innovation in kiting putting my lifetime of hands on hydro and fluid dynamics experience to good use. All the issues I helped to solve and demonstrate have stood the test of time. All the hurdles I helped to overcome eventuated into my 1st legacy - kitesurf and kiteboarding.

Now about [PPP]. Yes this 1st iteration would only work off the wind, yes its much more complex and consequential than kitesurf. Yes Ive probably thought of every objection and more.

And yes this is still the most boiled down safest most effective, practical and inspiring solution to kiteboat propulsion Ive seen. Stage 1 if you like. From here the sky's the limit - Unpiloted chute/kite hybrids for speed and windward - Ladder lifts for spinnaker type sails and (low) crowsnests - Apparent wind generation - Aerial camera liveviews and much more.


Back to [PPP] Imagine the birds eye view as you safely pilot your boat from above. Imagine feeling the breeze right where its generating propulsion. Imagine winching/flyfoxing to and from the deck as you please.

If this inspires you then please let me know? ppp@m8kite.com

We want to find the right people to contribute to this project. We want to measure the market appeal and viability. In a quarter century Ive learned a lot, and forgotten more than many may ever learn about kiting. Now in similar manner that I manifested kitesurf and kiteboard the time is right to manifest my piloted parasail propell invention. Get in touch today ppp@m8kite.com

Mat Colefax.