As a professional consultancy xplor4 are proud to present select brief highlights of our work.


Adventure Sunshine Coast webportal resource

Sunshine Coast Council commissioned xplor4 in 2018 for the major initial data collection phase to collate hundreds of kilometres of hike and bike trails, trailrun, pedal plus paddle even equestrian. Across all grades and ability levels from families to endurance enthusiast. We were also able to fulfill thousands of hi res beautiful imagery, quality writeups about the trails as well as recommendations plus planning information. All this on time and on budget for a brilliant result. We applaud Council and are proud to have helped contribute to their impressive and replicable initiative, viewable by clicking the picture below.



QLD ecotourism trails tender

As a leading initial consultant to tenderer CABN on the major new Cooloola commercialization proposal we were tasked with guiding, groundproofing fieldwork, GIS mapping, preliminary siting suggestions and reasoning. Bringing our honed approach to trails user experience we also crafted stunning imagery both stills and video to tell a winning story in our preliminary report. Leveraging our top local knowledge, sustainable approach, decades of experience and unique trails insight we were perfectly situated to help our client succeed in their tender.



Sunshine Coast Central Tourism precinct proposal

The client has a grand vision and engaged us to begin a connective trails investigation process spanning the entire Sunshine Coast! The resulting extensive report includes many innovative insights including ebikes. Since then this report proves xplor4 consultancies foresight for being ahead of its time in many aspects. One snippet below. For your own personal preview please email your request and relevant interest. 



Noosa Tewantin trails center

Having originally kickstarted the Noosa Tewantin Mountain Bike trails program through Mat's self motivated and groundbreaking approach to the Governing agencies a decade or so ago. Who better than xplor4 consultancy to elevate a professional plan that further fulfills Wooroi NP natural trails potential to the next level. The core principle is to build out a sustainable business case based upon current community and business benefit points. As an advocacy and aspiring to improve facilities for everyone, xplor4 welcomes support and comment. Click on the image below to see the concise overview.




Kitesurf Code of Conduct

Mat's ability to manage potential problems and competing interests for best practice outcomes is proven by several successes such as the Wooroi MTB initiative, and the kitesurf code of conduct we wrote for Noosa council. The first of its kind in Australia, the code stands today as testament to the integrity and longevity of our work.



For any outdoors related enterprise xplor4 consultancy can customise solutions that stand the test of time.