Why Redpaddleco.

If your reading this then you probably know 'why inflatable'

But there is inflatable and then there is 'red paddle co inflatable'... a world of difference!

Red Paddle Co are Authentic. Innovative. Successful.

Redpaddleco means you CAN have an authentic SUP experience while still benefitting from all the bonuses of an inflatable board.

Redpaddleco only make inflatables! Their committment and innovation have made them the worlds leading and most successful inflatable SUP brand, More customers worldwide buy RED than anything else! The reason for this. Redpaddleco is simply the best.


Redpaddleco technology innovations below:

1. MONOCOQUE STRUCTURAL LAMINATE: This is an industrial process that fuses the super hard-wearing polymer to the drop-stitch core of red boards at the raw material stage, making them one integral layer. MSL saves up to 2kg in board weight while still improving on the legendary Redpaddleco rigidity!

2. TEC AIR patent process: With a focus on materials, design and the finer points of the production process, every small improvement makes a big difference when you’re on the water. Tec Air means stiffer, more durable, better-performing boards, and the world’s most authentic inflatable stand-up paddleboard experience.

3. ROCKER STIFFENING SYSTEM: Reds top-spec boards come with the Red Paddle Co patented RSS system. This is two battens inserted into pockets in the side of the board that make it up to 40 per cent stiffer again on top of the inherent stiffer Redpaddleco construction! The result is simply superior.

Proven in the harshest hire and travelling environments around the world since 2009 ! And with unmatched results in open competition!! Only REDpaddleco has the credentials you need.

Combined with the twin cylinder TITAN pump and / or inflation adaptor solutions this delivers you the most authentic and convenient experience possible with inflatable SUP. Now you can paddle anywhere with REDpaddleco!


Why Xplor4? We are the original pioneers of all terrain & travel SUP with inflatables in Australia. We are the experts and dedicated professionals. And our track record for service and support is unmatched. Take a look at our testimonials!