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"Since using the RED paddle inflatable board in our hire range I was worried that it wouldn't withstand the cuts from oysters and other sharp objects that can be found in the inlets of the Tweed Coast, though with some heavy beating from lot's of kids and myself we still are yet to get a puncture". 

Tim Jack Adams
Watersports Guru

Tim - Watersports Guru Kingscliff
Watersports Guru

I've used my redpaddle 10-15 times already, and it's amazingly faster than I thought it would be for an inflatable , the buoyancy is also amazing with an extra person on it !! (2016 10'6 ride)

thanks Scott.



All the gear has arrived and I'm very happy with it. It's an awesome package and I'm looking forward to getting the board in the water. It will be coming with me to Vietnam at Christmas time. Thanks for the professional and efficient service getting everything delivered. 




G'day Mat, re my REDpaddle board

Dude it is AWESOME!!! My kids LOVE IT. It is a diving platform, a surfboard, a tender - the works!

Those clips and cargo net are invaluable as we regularly take snorkels, drink bottles, things etc in it. As well, my 3yo likes to tuck his legs under the net.......

LOADS of people ask me about it - and are surprised when they find out it is an inflatable. I'd rate it the best on the market. The reality is, it has no peers.



The weekend trial proved to my daughter and friend that the only board to purchase is a Red, even the attendants we saw at the trial site who had never ridden a Red Race board before, they were most impressed and realised that all the other inflatables in their van had no show of matching the REDpaddleco boards stiffness, performance and pace. Absolutely REDpaddleco are the most authentic SUP experience of any inflatable.


We have been thrilled with our experience in purchasing thru you and the quality of the Red Paddle boards. If our testimony assists in helping others interested in purchasing, then that's great! 

Thank you, we recieved our board & paddle last week and took it out for the first time last wknd. We all had a ball - especially the kids, and we're looking forward to using it often thru summer. Thanks again so much. We're telling everyone about Red Paddle Co. and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you and your boards to others. 



We already bought another inflatable (so can compare) and I wanted a better inflatable for the family/travel etc, something a bit more performance-oriented. I've tried several of the current 12'6 inflatables from the leading brands and I have to say the Red Race 12'6 is clearly the best of breed for stiffness, stability, tracking, and glide, especially for a larger paddler like me. The sturdy construction, RSS battens and US-compatible fin box all make for a well thought out board that performs very well. I'm super-impressed with it and I reckon it will be my go-to for interval training and bumpy short-course races. The standard pump can deliver well over 20psi and the backpack is also a standout, it's very well designed for the purpose, easy to pack and very comfortable to carry. Overall it's a stand-out package"

Bayside Melbourne

Hi guys, Just letting you know you were correct in recommending the Mega board for easy learning. I’m 69 years old and have never tried surfing in my life but always enjoyed being in or near the water. 
I took the board down to a quiet little spot for my first use of the board. After paddling around for a few minutes on my knees, I finally decided to stand up and other than my legs initially shaking like a newborn foal, I stayed upright!! Had a rest after about half an hour of paddling and then tried again. This time I had more confidence and was up straight away without the shaky legs. Never even got wet! Thought for sure I’d have a couple of spills, but it didn’t happen I guess due to the width of the board.
Looking forward to gaining more experience, but at least I’m off and paddling on day one, so I’m confident I have some fun times ahead.

Cheers Bob

Bob Thompson

I've got the Redair SUP and I must say I am very impressed with the quality and whole package it looks great. I will be getting chance to see how it goes on Saturday :)
Do you have more available if I decide to get another one?


Alex Stonehouse

These Redpaddleco inflatable boards have changed our whole life for the better, bombproof family fun. They are awesome.

Beck & Mat Colefax
Redpaddleco.com.au, Colefax creative, etc

Hi Redpaddleco.com.au my REDair 9'6 allwater has arrived weeks before I expected and its simply brilliant. Thankyou.


Broome WA

We bought your 9'6 Redpaddleco Allwater board with a 3 piece Redpaddle for my wife recently, and we're loving it. Fantastic quality and moves through the water really well. We've mainly used it in the rivers so far and a couple of times in small surf. Great fun, getting a new RSS Redair board as soon as they arrive. We're hoping to take them over to the Philippines early next year.



Hi Mat,
back from europe and the red paddle was a blast....it has to be the ultimate travel board....even more than that......we had a ball with it......paddled in the mediterranean.....lakes in italy and even a lake in the swiss alps with freezing cold water and the alps as a backdrop....bloody fantastic....and travelling in a volkswagon golf...4 people and luggage plus board.....will post photos as soon as i get a chance...Chad

Chad Starr
Central Coast NSW

Took the boards out at the local last weekend and have to say they were fantastic, really surprised us. I surfed the 10'6 and Liam the 9'4. He previously had crashed on a hard sup but quickly got his confidence and enthusiasm going on the Red Air inflatables, Also we noted the lightweight, flotation and flexibility helped to get on waves. I swapped with a hard sup rider there and it was definitely easier for both of us to actually get waves on the Red Air.

George and Liam
Adventure Sports Noosa

Our tours test boards to the limit not just for performance and durability but also for comfort, convenience and safety, its business so super important no damage to boards or bodies. The Redpaddleco inflatables are the only way to go. We dont even bother with anything else anymore. Just Redpaddleco all the way!! And we reccomend and sell them too because for personal or commercial its a no brainer. Redpaddleco is the go.

Brett White
Windswell paddletours

My new 9'4 is great! initially I was worried it would be less stable but by the second go it was all smooth sailing. Am more comfortable on it now but its still a challenge. Can pump it to 12psi quicker than I imagined and manage the board, pump and paddle all on wheels by myself. Very happy I went with the 9'4, thanks heaps. Norah.


The new site looks awesome really professionally done and slick. Hope all is well back home and your getting some quality kite and paddle time in with the family. Love the Redairs...

Ryan Palk
Olympic sailing candidate

After trying both on the weekend demo, The 10-6 is a much more forgiving board for my level of skill at the moment so I think this is the way I’ll go > would probably opt for the 3 piece paddle if it has a slightly larger blade?
Unfortunately I made a blunder when getting started in SUP and purchased an inferior product that started falling apart after only 10 weeks of flat water use! I am waiting on a refund, when this comes through I will contact you to finalise my RED.

David B

I LOURVE my RED 10’6’ Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard. And Mat from redpaddleco.com.au was a star when I wanted to buy one. I’d looked all over the web and in all the local stores when I had decided to buy my iSUP. It doesn’t take my research to see that the Red comes up trumps with anyone in the know. I phoned Mat and he had the 10’6” (The local stores tried to palm me off with other deals because they didn’t have it in stock). I gave him my credit card over the phone at about 2pm and by noon the next day it was delivered to my door. Queensland to Sydney! The board is awesome!

Ian Parkin

Hi Mat at Redpaddle,

VERY happy with my RedPaddle iSUP and in buying from you! And yes please add me to your newsletter and by all means let me know who else redpaddles in Sydney.

In Appreciation

Ian Parkin

Thanks again for your support Redpaddle. You have added some real extra value to our events this season. The boards are amazing, they go the distance and beyond! Looking forward to surfing with you soon.

Brett Dowker
Super Surf Camps