ZEN inspired

Zero Emissions Noosa inspired ideas to share and see who might have knowledge or drive:

  • ODT community transport pool, start with ebikes and scooters then add rideshare. Also look at a yard tools pool.

Proposals are online on this site https://xplor4.com/pages/zero-emissions-transport-pilot-preliminary

  • Community Battery - start with our own estates. Perhaps integrate future ebus as component of storage - see above transport proposal.

Build business case that saves the residents money, and gives them energy security. Become grant ready. Leverage the disaster resilience push.


  • ZEN concept open homes -  Real life story of a real life family home going zero emission. Track, measure, display and share. 

If theres two or a few participating homes turn it into a comparative study with the 'progress reveal' excitement and empathy etc. Or involve more homes to emulate old Noosa council greenhomes program (we completed that originally)

  • Zero Emissions home maintenance equipment - An initiative and incentive for all Noosans and businesses to swap over as much as possible to Zero Emissions ready (electric) tools ie gardening and construction which are charged by renewables. 

Setup a community etools pool that is all renewably charged, little bike trailer or larger box trailer too. Solar savings site where garden power consumption can be seen. ‘Swap program’ where residents and businesses can trade their old petrol engine garden tools for electric. NSW energy saver says ‘The appliance replacement offer has already replaced close to 50,000 appliances state wide.’ Recycle circular economy tie in? A great outcome for environment, economic future and socially. Build on this idea to rollout and run a bulk buy such as below.

  • Zero Emissions hire business bulk buy - get rid of pollution and noise, shift to electric across all assets = improves ambiance and value, better triple bottom line.

Arrange a bulk buy model with multiple incentives for example all of the dozen watercraft hire businesses along Gympie Terrace to benefit immediately. By consolidated replacement and upgrading everything in their fleets to electric and implementing zero carbon charging and maintenance! Formulate a profitable arrangement, plus zero rate finance etc. ALSO adjust the thrillride business component to more nature based and respectful of Noosas natural ambiance... ie swapout the huge superfast propulsion of intrusive thrillseeking RIBs, and fleets of marauding jetskis for something much more appropriate and sustainable!

  • Zero Emissions water activities / fishing - get rid of pollution and noise, phase over to electric and paddle = improves ambiance and value, protect Noosas most valuable asset on all levels.

Leverage social acceptability, trade commerce and economics to meet UNESCO biosphere and associated outcomes. Align to the new Noosa Council river plan. Instigate community science studies and reporting. Simutaneously look at commercial activity and bulk buy transitions such as above. 

  • Zero Emissions regeneration movement - create buzz about replanting seaplants and reforestation on all levels by leveraging stc style of currency as well as moral currency through social sharing

REDD+: 'Deforestation and forest degradation account for approximately 11 percent of carbon emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector and second only to the energy sector. It is now clear that in order to constrain the impacts of climate change within limits that society will reasonably be able to tolerate, global average temperatures must be stabilized within two degrees Celsius. This will be impossible to achieve without reducing emissions from forest and seaplant degradation! Seagrass used to cover much of our lakes and seabed in Noosa, we likely even had manatee! 

  • Zero Emissions water taxi / ferry / foilers / minicats

Most of Noosa is connected through the river system. An autonomous / on demand zero emissions solution might be easier to implement in that environment to mobilise and move people between sectors than on land. Also the slower speeds and much more manageable mapping/traffic on water could be low hanging fruit for safe easy attractive public transport with a special noosa character...

  • Universal power

Imagine if there were some standardised waterproof battery/power blocks. They could be swapngo on demand from just about anywhere like gas bottles. Bikes, boards, scooters, segway type transport, etools, etc...

A possible optimum size is 160kwh with auto voltage... engage with developer? 

  • EV beach bug conversion with rollout/flipout solar shade

How cool would it be to cruise up the beach in a lightweight low impact bug. Park and charge while you surf!. Its a great experience in tune with humanities imperative.


These are just the pick of a swathe of ideas, such as we would love to put prefab eco unit on top of our garage as a display for clim8safe construction tech too!! maybe minecraft themed modular and changeable facade, over/or flippable/fixed shubashi scorched timber to keep it fresh and  inspire revisits (by foot and ebike) regularly. This would speed the uptake and transition.

These are little things but might still count and be worth someones time and effort. Besides from little things big things grow! And perhaps even provide models to roll out elsewhere...

 Mat Colefax


Notes and fyi

  1. what
  2. where
  3. why u.p
  4. when - gant
  5. how - kpis, gants, realisation looks like?
  6. who - runs on the board ie ev expo, boardof
  7. any other income / revenues / in kind contribution values
  8. preparation readiness plan and templates


Transport grant app1, Not succesful.

A one-sentence description of your project *
Prove the best way to enable shared electric vehicle zero emmissions community transport solutions in a common scenario.

Max words count: 25 words.
What is the problem you're addressing and why is it important? Why is now the best time to address it? *
Traffic, parking, congestion, carbon and community connectivity are the big problems this project addresses. Technology of electric vehicles, renewable power and on demand booking systems exist and are elevating. Now is the right time to design and implement an integrated scalable solution.

Words count: 42 words.Max words count: 250 words.
What is your proposed solution? What makes it innovative and scalable (or big and bold)? *
Our aim is to design, implement and prove the best way to enable zero emmissions shared transport for compact communities around 10 to 20km from town (commercial precincts). Leveraging emergent EV tech, renewable energy, rideshare and on demand booking systems we will vastly improve community transport, traffic, parking to connect community and reduce carbon and congestion. We selected a typical site so success means a model for all around Australia and the western world.

Words count: 74 words.Max words count: 350 words.
Who will benefit from this solution (specific target population) and where are they located? *
1. Everyone who lives in suburbs or areas that are a little too far from town to bike, but close enough and busy enough to share a transport solution. 2. Everyone on the planet as we shift to ZERO emmision. 3 although our link is for a site we selected we would consider any site anywhere.

Words count: 56 words.Max words count: 150 words.
How does this idea build on, leverage, or connect with other existing initiatives, products, or services? *
Electric vehicles and on demand systems have evolved, rideshare is accepted, plate recognition is proven. And renewable power is being implemented. The site we selected has local government initiatives which mesh perfectly with our proposal.

Words count: 35 words.Max words count: 350 words.
If you are successful, the world will be better off because... *
Success means a model for communities all around Australia and the world. People and communities will reconnect, with their civic centers, each other and responsibilities re carbon. They will spend more time engaging with facilities, precincts and each other as opposed to burning fossil fuels in individual bubbles, jostling for carpark spots, or not going anywhere! to avoid it all.

Words count: 60 words.Max words count: 100 words.
Do you have a website or link to your project that you would like to share?

Plan & Metrics
Please describe how and when you plan to put your idea into action. Be as specific and as clear as possible.

Has this project started? If so, when?
It is in concept stage, looking for feasibility study funding.
Upon receiving grant funds, you have up to nine months to complete this proposed project. What are the key milestones covered by this grant?
Our feasibility study may comprise:
1. Demand and asset analysis
2. Business case studies
3. Complete feasibility

Our study will define the financial viability of various approaches.

Words count: 27 words.Max words count: 200 words.
What is the total budget of the project (please list numbers only in USD)? *
What is the specific amount you are requesting from The Roddenberry Foundation (please list numbers only in USD)? *
How will you use the grant funds? Please list any line items with associated costs--such as equipment, supplies, marketing and communications *
We will allocate the first 20K to feasibility study fee from our consultancy- research, resources, costings, collation, reporting, review and writeup.

Words count: 21 words.Max words count: 150 words.
What will be achieved by the end of the nine-month grant period? How will you know if you're successful? *
Our full feasibility study shall deliver clear parameters for progressing to test case implementation. Ultimately success will be determined by our study securing an actual operational service case study that proves beneficial and widely scalable for community and environment.

First Name #1 *
Last Name *
Director Consultancy BD
+ Team Member
What makes you or your team the ideal leader(s) for this project? *
Mathew has always worked and volunteered for sustainable enterprise such as UNESCO biosphere local community boards and currently Zero Emission community groups. As a professional consultancy his business is perfectly positioned to help this initiative.

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I am submitting this application as an individual and will be receiving funds myself.
What is your organization's name? *
Wipika Au pl atf M8 trading as 'xplor4'

Mat Colefax xplor4.com Direct m: 0419 674 584