ZEN inspired

Zero Emissions Noosa inspired ideas to share and see who might have knowledge:

  • ZEN concept open homes -  Real life story of a real life family home going zero emission. Track, measure, display and share. 

If theres two or a few participating homes turn it into a comparative study with the 'progress reveal' excitement and empathy etc. Or for more emulate old council greenhomes program (we completed that)

  • Zero Emissions home maintenance equipment - An initiative and incentive for all Noosans and businesses to swap over as much as possible to Zero Emissions ready (electric) tools ie gardening. 

‘Swap program’ where residents can trade their old petrol engine garden tools for electric. NSW energy saver says ‘The appliance replacement offer has already replaced close to 50,000 appliances state wide.’ A great outcome for environment, economic future and socially.

A link I have not read yet but intend to

  • Zero Emissions water activities / fishing - get rid of pollution and noise, phase over to electric and paddle = improves ambiance and value, protect Noosas most valuable asset on all levels.

Leverage social acceptability, trade commerce and economics (location)


These are little things but might still count and be worth someones time and effort. And perhaps even provide models to roll out elsewhere...