Zero Emissions Targeting transport. Preliminary pilot proposal






  1. PROJECT AIM - Prove the best way to enable RENEWABLY CHARGED ELECTRIC VEHICLES shared transport in a common scenario
  2. PROJECT BENEFITS - Eliminate* emissions, vastly improve community transport, logistics, traffic, parking, socioeconomics and ambiance
  3. PROJECT OUTCOME - Match priority transport and governance goals with imperative sustainability needs, build a replicable model to roll out




    It also meshes precisely with existing initiatives, plans and programs - parknride, paytopark, preferential plate recognition technologies etc. 


    Pilot proposal placed centrally in Noosa. 

    Concise situation

    A cluster of neighboring estates occupancy numbers tripling in just a few years. Their 3 existing bus stops and turnarounds are at present hardly utilised in spite of all the communities travel going right by! The bulk of trips are into the town center with all amenities and a central bus station. There are four schools and five community centers* including the Aquatic center that tie in. The main sporting grounds 'Girraween complex' are also facilitated. And access to essential services as well as entertainment areas.Other precincts en route could benefit too. 

    purely conceptual possibility

    *Noosa Aquatic Center, Tennis club, Bicentennial gym, The J, Courthouse.


    Renewable Energy

    Either a new Solar PV power installation and/or a renewable Power Purchase Agreement could be great ways to ensure renewable electricity supply. A suitable solar system site could be investigated near community estates or even on or around Noosas waste treatment plant facility not far away. There the onsite structures and buildings or appropriate cleared land could provide solar space plus parktocharge area. And even the ponds themselves may well present perfect opportunities for floating solar power!

    That parcels zoning, orientation and elevation are another advantage of this clim8safe idea. Otherwise an LGC PPA arrangement for example with the new windfarm near Noosa may offer overnight and poor weather charging. Either or both together enable comprehensive renewable solutions. In any case boosting the business case with shared renewable power, even expanding that to supply adjacent properties and dwellings with power is another clim8safe idea we are excited about. That could leverage a battery or hydro storage scenario as well. Imagine an outcome where not just the transport is renewably powered, also the surrounding businesses, homes and community are all benefiting from some solar power too. Making going green more viable for everyone!


    On Demand Transport styles of carshare and or commuter bus components could contribute key synergistic solutions. We also are working on ebike and other mobility modes share proposals.

    Put together they all open up new non conflicting connections feeding into the towns main transport terminal and network. All renewably powered and sustainable. To move more people with less carbon and congestion this is THE perfect pilot project.


    Addressing the largest emissions segment, reference the Australian Climate Change Authority:

    A.C.C.A. Conclusion:
    'Improving the efficiency of road passenger transport using existing technologies is one of the lowest cost emissions reduction opportunities in the Australian economy.'


    Potential partners

    Existing expressions of support are already forthcoming from key stakeholders such as Zero Emissions Noosa, the estates, resort, local MP, councillors, community bodies and importantly platform providers such as BRIDJ. Please send your support directly to xplor4.





    Professional clim8safe consultancy can progress this exciting pilot proposal pending funding support.


    This is a fantastic opportunity for business, community and the future. We are actively seeking funding for full feasibility study. For any query, input, ideas, contribution or feedback please contact m:0419 674 584  or 





     M. Colefax

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