12'6 Elite 2016 ex demo


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12'6 x 26 Race ELITE 2016 SALE

Redpaddleco INFLATABLE SUP, superfast and super light at almost 8kg

This is a used board with associated marks. It is sold as is, with 12mth warranty*

size: 12'6x26x6    volume: 300 L   rider weight: up to 120kg


Faster than you thought possible, Redpaddleco race Elite boards lead the way with astonishing stiffness, shape, consistency and speed!

Redpaddleco are the only company producing inflatables that are proving competitive against hardboards on the international racing circuit.

2016 Elites 12’6 with MSL, RSS system and tecair is super light, stiff, and fast. Much stiffer and faster than any other inflatables.

Elite series boards are not targeted at beginner or cruising paddlers, they are high performance racing right out of a backpack. For a more stable version try our race 12'6x28 or sport 12'6x30.

Super light, lighter than many carbon boards, incredibly convenient, and absolutely bombproof. Travel, train, anywhere, anytime, keep one in the boot for every opportunity!!!

US box means you can run any of your favourite fins, and is delivered with a glass REDpaddle race fin that is perfect! No serious SUP racer should be without a REDpaddle elite!

This board works great as a sit down kayak, we have an old seat which can give away with it too just ask.

features: RSS Rail Stiff System for ultimate performance. UStrack and glass race fin, center carry handle, front and rear leash rings, performance deckgrip. and TecAir construction for ultimate pressure, stiffness, durability and airlock. 

Whats included:

  • EEZI single barrel handpump
  • Rollerwheel convertible backpack (used)
  • RPC waterproof phone case & cannister with glue
  • TOLL EXPRESS ! Delivery to your door within Australia*





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