9'6 Wild




9'6 x 34 WILD redpaddleco board

The ultimate white water and battle inflatable SUP board.

size 9'6x34x6   volume 300L   rider weight 30><130kg

With the White Water side of the SUP growing fast we have produced a shape that not only offers extreme durability but also extreme performance on the river. Designed with input from White water paddlers from around the world the Wild allows for easy control on down river runs.

It’s high sides allow it to break in and out of the river flow while it’s pronounced nose rocker means it rides over the bumps exceptionally well. The drawn in tail allows for aggressive manouvers and the parrallel rails slide through gaps and eddies better than you can beleive!

Fitted with multiple grab handles it offers more safety and control. But just because its a whitewater weapon dont rule out using the Wild for fun and exploring anywhere. Its a great family board with plenty of volume as the video below can attest.

Wild features an indestructible Quad fin set up so you don’t get the “double bump” when hitting rocks that is often the problem with standard 3 fin set ups. The fins can also easily be cut or trimmed to a low profile to avoid hang ups in shallow sections.

All in all the Wild will take your River running to the next level. Redpaddleco 9'6 Wild, bring it on!

Paddles are normally extra to buy. Below xplor4 bonus pack saves over $300! Otherwise, please ask about options -call,chat,msg,txt!, or add one of our great paddles to your purchase!

Whats included:

  • TITAN double barrel HP handpump FREE UPGRADE* 
  • Rollerwheel convertible backpack TRY IT TO BELIEVE
  • RPC waterproof phone/key case & cannister with 2glue
  • TOLL EXPRESS ! Delivery to your door within Australia*

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