SUP 10'6 Ride




10'6 x 32  RIDE


size 10'6x32x4.7    volume 240L   rider 30><100kg

New improved rocker profile, New big grip graphic, embossed logo deckgrip, embossed logo i.fins, 2 revised ram mounts accessories inserts, triple tiedown crossover, red stitch accents on the reflecta rollercover! 3rd generation MSL.

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10'6 Ride is a classic. By far the biggest selling inflatable sup board in the world. It’s all round appeal means it just works great for the biggest cross section of all paddlers everywhere!

Its surprising speed and stability are a result of the finely tuned rocker and stiffness that only MSL TECair 25psi construction can acheive. Plus its surefooted small wave surfing character is super fun. And feels intuitively safer... for everyone.

inflatable stand up paddle board australia, inflatable sup boards, sup paddles, inflatable sup

The consensus is its absolutely the best board in class. Results back that up with podium ! finishes in bop racing and incredible staying power in hire and tours businesses around the world. Dont hesitate to chat us (blue button below right) or call or even come try ours out! 

New model 3rd generation MSL construction is lightweight under 9kg*, yet proven to be the strongest, stiffest and most durable!

features: TecAir MSL construction for ultimate 25psi pressure, stiffness, durability and airlock. Ram mount + ring on front and rear. Center and rear deluxe comfy carry handles, 3 unbreakable red i.fins, tripletie crossover cargo cord, logo embossed deckgrip. 1 year full guarantee.


Whats included:

  • TITAN double barrel HP handpump FREE UPGRADE* 
  • Rollerwheel convertible backpack TRY IT TO BELIEVE
  • RPC waterproof phone/key case + cannister + valvetool
  • TOLL EXPRESS ! Delivery to your door within Australia*

Paddles are normally extra to buy. Below xplor4 bonus pack saves over $300! Otherwise, please ask about options -call,chat,msg,txt!, or add one of our great paddles to your purchase!



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