REDpaddleco Cargo Net


$29.90 $39.90


The Redpaddleco Cargo net is a great accessory for any Standup Paddle board, especially Redpaddle brand. Almost all REDpaddle boards come with front cargo holder attachments, the explorer model has rear tie down points also. The cargo attachments are in exactly the right position to allow for weight to be carried easily on each board without effecting the trim to give a superior ride and performance.

Redpaddleco Cargo net has 4 easy elasticized clips to secure it to the board attachments, a sturdy mesh construction, with a zip pocket that perfectly fits the w/proof phone/key case included with each Redpaddleco Board ! This makes a great gift too.

We have also been developing a range of dry bags which can attach directly onto the board with integrated straps on the bag meaning that now not only can you transport your equipment safely, you can also keep it dry as well!


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