Waterproof Dry Sack Storage Bag Durable PVC kayak sup snorkel swim boat 10L 20L


$36.99 $54.00



These Waterproof Dry Sack Storage Bags are premium quality and presentation for peace of mind on the water. Perfect for kayak, sup, snorkel, swim, boat, hike and all other sports on water and land, it is extremely useful to have one or both sizes. Keep your gear safe and dry with these ultra durable drysacks. They can rollup neatly and quickly pack or unpack when needed. 

Model: Waterproof Dry Sack Storage Bag 1020

Brand Name: Ocean Pack. vktech
Material: PVC waterproof membrane
Advantages: Light. Strong. Waterproof*

features: Quality PVC tubular construction for maximum performance and durability. Buckle closure and carry strap. Weight (20L) under 3kg.

*this product is delivered seperate x os.

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